Greg Joseph

The Vikings Are The New Comeback Kids!

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Going to an NFL game is one of the most amazing experiences you can find. Especially if you are attending U.S Bank Stadium. From the pregame scenes to the SKOL chant, the energy is unmatched. Attending with your buddies is always a huge plus, and that’s exactly what the elite Vikings fans in 10,000 Takes did Saturday.

Just Gameday Things

Morale was high EARLY in the morning. Waking up at 7 am hurt so bad, but the day would be well worth it. Well, eventually. The crew was assembled and headed downtown to get lit beforehand. Walking to Bar Zia, we saw the Colts busses roll in on a police escort. At the front of bus #1 was Colts coach Jeff Saturday. And he seemed very pleased by our enthusiasm early in the morning.

Most of us were decked out in purple jerseys. Bossman rode with his Colts. And then we had the X-Factor costume of the day.

The amount of high-fives and pictures Jake Kirk got were comparable to seeing a celebrity. With this bunch, there is never a shortage of laughs and bits. Lubed up at Off The Rails, the boys headed inside to take in the action. Tensions were high early.

The game started, and then the Vikings proceeded to shit all over themselves. A blocked punt for a TD to start, a pick-6 to finish and the 1st half rout was on. The vibe at halftime was dead and moody. Everyone was not feeling what was happening.

Livin’ On A Prayer

With nothing but hope and drinks to hold onto, the 2nd half started sleepily. The lead grew to 33 and things got bleak. But you can never give up. If we’ve learned anything this season, it’s that the Vikings are resilient AF. The 1-score games showed it, Buffalo proved it. But to comeback from down 33 in a half is impossible, right? Wrong.

The defense kicked it into high gear. The offense started moving downfield consistently. Going into the 4th down 22 was juicy. Stops and TD’s kept coming and everyone was slowly starting to believe! Scores from the best WR duo in the NFL made it a 1-score game with 4 minutes and change to go. Then the chaos ensued.

Say what you want about referees. Personally I always love to rip them, but you’ll never catch me blaming them for an L. This was an unbelievable sequence and I don’t know how those refs still have jobs. The fans were losing their minds, and rightfully so. Chandon Sullivan had 2 scoop and scores negated due to a couple men being batshit blind.

Things got big nervous, as the Colts’ lead was still 8 heading toward the last 2 minutes of the 4th. A failed Matt Ryan sneak and the luckiest of spots gave the Vikings the ball back. And then the roof came off U.S Bank Stadium.

Oh Dalvin, you fucking beast. Has there been a more clutch RB in Vikings history? I think not. Most of the stadium was on the verge of an emotional breakdown after that 4th quarter. And we still had to go to overtime! Each team did nothing with their 1st drive, so of course this comeback would rely on Kirk Cousins. And he delivered, stepping up and throwing dots to bring us into FG range. Of course this game would come down to a Vikings kick, what else would make sense? Even if the kick misses, the division is still ours. But ties fucking suck. Didn’t matter though.

Comeback Kids

The comeback was complete. People were crying and embracing in the stands. What looked to be a depressing blowout morphed into the greatest comeback in NFL history. And the 10,000 Takes braintrust was on hand to witness. I’ve been to some exciting games. Walk off TD’s and dingers I’ve seen before, but this game will stand on its own forever. Whether or not you think the Vikings are good, this team undoubtedly has something special working in their favor. And this game was just the start of a bonkers weekend of football. Greatest sport on Earth.

The Skol movement is alive and well in the Twin Cities, and we’re all just enjoying the ride.