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The Vikings Do It Again!

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Another week into the NFL season, and the Viking are still putting us through it. Another close game ending in a Vikings W, this time at home against the scrappy New York Giants. The line favored the Vikes at -4, but we all knew that was bait.

I thought this could be the week. The week the Vikings finally win a game by more than 8+ points and put someone away easily. Nope, it just had to be stressful. Thanks Ed Donatell. Your “Bend, Don’t Break” defense has finally made people lose their minds. When you have a QB like Daniel Jones lighting you up for 334 yards passing, that’s a sign of a big problem.

For the 2nd straight week, the Vikings’ fate was all on the leg of Greg Joseph. Greg The Leg has had his mishaps this season, especially on FG tries from 50+ yards. So when he trotted out to the midfield logo for a 61-yard try, the worst of thoughts crept it. Could it go the distance? Could it be blocked? Can the Vikings pull off another Christmas miracle?


Gameday Aesthetic

Early on, the Vikings announced a white out for this Christmas Eve game at home. Wear white was the big message, so many wondered if the Vikes would wear the white J’s at home. Which by the way had never happened. The announcement came for the jerseys and everyone was jazzed. The combo was amazing, but no white helmets left some things to be desired. Sorry guys, the NFL has to approve those before the season. Maybe next year we can sport some white helmets to complete the look.

Back to the vibes, the whiteout aspect was truly amazing. With white end zones and a sexy white logo at centerfield, the look of everything changed for the better. My concern with the fans was: will everyone cooperate and wear white? Mostly everyone got the message. The white J isn’t the most popular, so it was good to see fans wear white despite that. I was in attendance, and the whiteout looked truly amazing in person. I hope the Vikings continue this in the future. Make 1 home game a year the whiteout game, like Penn State does every season. This kind of trick usually works out for NBA/NHL playoffs with the arena wearing colors in unison. I was glad to see that it goes hard for the Vikings.

2 weeks left to go, and things are getting tight. Not only are we still having to hold off San Fran for the #2 seed, but the #1 seed is still a slight possibility with the Jalen Hurts injury. To finish the season the Vikings play on the road, in the cold outdoors. The scene next week at Lambeau against a surging Packers squad suddenly makes this a massive game for both teams. After the Pack looked dead in the water, they have gotten outside help and are within striking distance of the #7 seed. Of course! Let’s end the cheeseheads once and for all, and get JJ all those records. SKOL.