Vikings Fought the Law and The Law Won

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The Vikings had 12 accepted penalties on Sunday totaling 116 yards.


Fair to say the Vikings fought the law and the law won. It didn’t take long for the pee to start running down the legs of the Vikings offense. False start after false start as the game began, and it continued to be a consistent thing all the way through the first half. Say what you want about fans being back or any other excuse you’d like to try to come up with. The truth is, it is unacceptable and there is no reason professionals should be out there looking worse than Bishop Sycamore. As the Vikings head West next week to take on the Cardinals this needs to be cleaned up, or we will have just as much fun next Sunday as we did this Sunday. Vikings vs. Bengals – Team Statistics – September 12, 2021 – ESPN

Zac Taylor was 6-25-1 as a HC coming into Week 1.

Lack of leadership

I read a lot about the team lacking leadership during certain moments of games, and for me, it has always been that any team will always take on the personality of the Man or Woman who leads them onto the field or court. It starts and ends with the HC. I want to see more from the leadership role from the coach. There needs to be less finger-pointing, less deflecting blame, and more accountability from Mike Zimmer. The offense was never going to find a rhythm with the way the OL was playing, it was a miracle we were even in that game at all with a chance to win it.

In the end, a familiar feeling.

Here we go again

We should probably know better. I know I should. When the Vikings got into Bengals territory cruising towards a gutty come from behind wind, it seemed all but over. But again, here come the Vikings. We can argue about Cook being down all we want, but just make sure you secure the ball, anything can happen. 4th and Inches, I give credit to Zac Taylor for his aggressiveness and guessing right on the long completion. That game hit every emotion possible, and it was only the first one. I will also say it ended in the most Viking way possible after it got sent into OT the least Viking way possible as kicker Greg Joseph nailed a 53-yard field goal to send the game into OT.

When it mattered Kirk delivered.

Trust your QB

Down 3 from inside the 10. There was no way the Vikings were going to do anything. Another familiar feeling. Helpless almost. After seeing the IOL collapse in late-game situations last year, and a few times today, no reason it wasn’t going to be different. But it was. Kirk made big throws, including a 4th down to get Greg Joseph in range to ultimately tie it. Fast forward to OT. Kirk had his struggles today, as did the OL but from that tying drive to OT, you need to put it on your QB’s shoulders and let him carry you. It reminded me a lot of the Packer game in 2018. Carlson had already missed what seemed like 10 FG’s. GB’s defense had no answer for Thielen or Kirk. Choosing to send out your mentally broken kicker to miss by a mile, and cost you a win. In a season you missed the postseason by a game.

The funny thing after all this is. that every other NFC North team lost as well, so the Vikings are currently 1st in the North. So forget everything I just said, SKOL.

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