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Vikings Free Agency Update!


The 2023 NFL free agency period is underway, and the money came in bunches. Last year’s spending was much more fruitful, but some interesting moves have happened over the past week and a half. The Vikings haven’t made a huge splash move, but have done enough to remain competitive despite their tight pockets. Let’s review what our favorite football team has done so far this offseason to get better for 2023.

Welcome to Minnesota New Guys!

The Vikings came into the offseason in the red. So whatever moves they were gonna make had to be smart and cost-efficient. I really loved the Byron Murphy signing. He brings a ton of talent and grit to this Vikings defense. He will be great in Brian Flores’ new scheme of blitzes and man-to-man coverage. And quite frankly, he’s already the best corner we have. Not saying much, but corners don’t grow on trees, and you gotta take em’ where you can. Marcus Davenport is a young edge rusher who could finally help us stop the fucking run game. Once upon a time Marcus Davenport was a 1st round pick. Now, Flores will try and see if he’s still got any of that top dawg in him.

A few minor additions were made. Former Ram Brandon Powell has tons of speed, but he’s seen more as competition in the punt return game. Josh Oliver is a TE3 mainly brought in to help us not be dogshit at running the ball. His contract made people lose their minds, until they saw the money breakdown. Classic case of Vikings Twitter losing it over nothing.

Welcome Back!

The losses of Eric Kendricks and Adam Thielen were sad to see as a Vikings fan. But money wise it had to be done. Losing Dalvin Tomlinson was a bummer too. The Thanos bit was super cool, and he was a good dude. PFF numbers suggest it was right to move on though.

I was scared shitless that we would have to lose Harrison Smith too, but the smiling assassins made it work. The Hitman will be a nice piece in the new defense. Not to mention the return of Lewis Cine, he could use someone like Harry to show him the ropes on the field. The 1-year deal is scary, but probably just did it for the money. Greg the Leg and our favorite long-snapper ever Andrew DePaola return to special teams. DePaola got a bag! The most guaranteed cash ever for a longsnapper. We love when friends of the show change the game.

We also saw the returns of Garrett Bradbury and Alexander Mattison. Bradbury coming back is huge. The public opinion on him has done a complete 180 from last offseason. Not saying he’s a legend, but he did well enough last year to validate keeping him on. Mattison’s return should bode well if he can get the RB job to himself. We need more twerks in the end zone.

But the return that SKOL Nation needed the most? Yep, you guessed it.

What Will Happen With Z and Dalvin? 

Speculation is a bitch. If every rumor we heard was true, the world would be fucked. So why has there been so much talk of Dalvin Cook being a for sure cut, yet nothing has happened yet? Many speculate he’s being held for trade ammo around draft time. But what exactly is his market value? Seems odd to me. I’d love to have him back, but everything leading up to this point has suggested he won’t wear purple in late 2023. His agent even suggested so.

As of right now, Za’Darius Smith is still a Viking. Whether or not he still wants to wear purple gets a little weird. First, he put his house on the market. Then, he tweeted a “Thank You” message, indicating he was gone. But nothing is official. So what’s actually going on?

Early last season, Z looked like a potential DPOY candidate. And then he wasn’t. And then things got weird apparently in the locker room at the end of the season. Whatever the case may be, a move will be made one way or another. I would love to have Z back for 2023, but he may want to head for greener pastures. Or at least a state that doesn’t get horrible winter weather.

The clock will tick on, and the Vikings still have plenty of work to do. Not to mention their name has been floated out there in the Lamar Jackson hunt. And we still have a month to go until draft time. Buckle up, Vikings fans. This could get weird.