Vikings gonna Vike!

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Sunday’s 28-27 win over the Carolina Panthers was quite a damn barnburner. All of the classic Vikings disasters were on display: scoring on the 1st drive and then doing nothing afterwards, an ugly strip sack of the ever-so elusive Kirk Cousins, and Dalvin Cook lying down on the ground writhing in pain. Honestly, I love Chef Cook. But holy shit man, every time he gets hurts now in any respect, I start to lose my mind!

Gotta give it to the boys in purple though. After everything that’s happened, they could have mailed it in after those 2 huge mistakes on offense. Zim’s D stayed rock solid and Kirk got his shit together to bring us back, despite the $84 million man literally tripping over his own feet IN THE 4TH QUARTER. God I wish I had a clip to link of it, it was actually kinda funny the way he fell. But also, soo typical. Wanna know what else is typical? Another Special Teams mistake costing us a game, much like it has all year.

Here’s where we lucked out, because Panthers rookie Head Coach Matt Rhule basically did nothing after the fumble. They ran 2 plays and then Teddy missed a killshot in the end zone to win it, all while DJ Moore hurt himself on a non-contact injury in the process.

That set up cocaine Kirk, I MEAN Kirk Cousins for a game-winning drive. Fingers and nerves were crossed to the max, especially because we were an awful 0-2 in 2-minute drills to win. But we made it down the field in quick fashion and set up a game winner. And guess who was there to save us?

Helluva game for Chad, man. What a turn of events to drop the game almost literally, then catch the game winner for your 1st career tuddy. All of this was done without our main guy Adam Thielen, who watched at home on his intruiging set up and reacted like most of us did to the last minute of the game; both on the touchdown and the missed field goal. Let’s hope he’s back Sunday against the Jags and not watching the game in his off-center setup.