Dalvin Cooks vs New York Jets

Vikings Ground The Jets And Are Flying High in The NFC!

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Another close game was in the mix for the Vikings on Sunday. Facing the up-and-coming New York Jets at home was always going to be tight, but things got pretty nervous late in the game. But, the Vikings clamped down when needed, and our favorite football team is 10-2. Let’s get into the recap!

Team Effort

Coming into November, the 4-game death lineup (BUF, DAL, NE, NYJ) was going to prove exactly how good the Minnesota Vikings are. And against some of the best defenses in the NFL, points were going to be at a premium. The Vikings offense most not have gotten the memo, except for Dallas. The offense just kept chugging and scoring when we needed it. Sunday was not a good game for our lord Kirk Cousins, but not every game is going to be rosy. He figured it out late when needed, and put the team on his back with a stress-inducing run early to set the tone.

Looking at the stats, no one was really a huge hero today. JJettas only had 45 receiving yards. Dalvin finally broke the TD drought and Alex Mattison added another score. Complimentary football is beautiful when you have all the parts working. And that seems to be the case for the Kevin O’Connell offense. The defense however, is still a massive work in progress.

Welcoming back CB Akaleb Evans, the defense still was shredded for over 400 yards of offense by a backup QB. Mike White is nice with it, but let’s not pretend he’s the next Tom Brady. Garrett Wilson torched our secondary and helped the Jets find some points late. The mentality with the Vikings defense this season has been the “Bend, Dont Break” method. And the well almost busted yesterday. Cam Bynum sealed it with an INT and that was all she wrote, but everyones knows the Vikings could have lost that game.

The improvement from last year is night and day. A team that was getting obliterated late in halves has now flipped the regression positively, and the Vikings are 9-0 in 1-score games. With the hardest stretch of games behind us, all eyes are on the LOLions surging Detroit Lions as the boys try to lock up the NFC North. Next week is gonna be a fucking movie when we win, Kirk will have no choice but to pose half-naked draped in chains again. This season is tons of fun, and the ride isn’t over yet.