Vikings are 0-2

Vikings Put Up A Fight, Fall Prey To Eagles


Week 2 opened up with our favorite football team traveling east to face the Philadelphia Eagles. There’s some history there recently with this matchup. We certainly do not fuck with the Eagles, and they could give a shit about us. But I won’t call it a rivalry, because the Eagles have the upper hand on us like a big brother. Another game in Philly, and another loss. So, what exactly went wrong?

Can’t Stop The Run, Can’t Start The Run.

You ever heard the saying “Get Big”? The Eagles and their whole pack of big fat boys on BOTH sides of the line just told the Vikings that. And then they served them pancakes and turf on a stick. The Vikings love to give up a gazillion yards to opposing running backs and then lose. New defense, same shit. And I’m starting to get fed up. Where are our big boys that can swallow a running back whole for a loss of three? The Vikings need a Jordan Davis-type guy like a fish needs water.

Turnovers Galore

To win any game you have to be able to best your opponent in 2 ways: big plays and turnovers. But for the second week in a row, the Vikings coughed up the ball 3+ times. You really cannot win ANY sort of game when you turn the ball over more than you take it away. It seems to be a Vikings special in a tough loss. At least this game wasn’t a chaotic interception fest like last season in Philly.

But there were some good things from the offense! Addison is looking like a freaking stud and worth the 1st round pick. JJ is humming and already in midseason form. Hock lit it up and made the most of all his targets, But still, the negative plays kill drives like flat soda at a birthday party. Simply put, this season will go nowhere quickly if the offense continues to lather the ball up in butter before every play.

This is not fucking good.

This Vikings team has some potential. You can see it, but it’s jut not there yet. And that’s fine sometimes, but not in the NFL. And not when you have a schedule like the Vikings have. Overall, you have to feel somewhat encouraged about what we saw Thursday. Cut the turnovers out and keep this defense growing and we got something here. But an 0-2 hole is going to be a dogfight to crawl out of in this season’s NFC.

Boy, if that isn’t a summary of the season so far.

The Vikings now have 10 days to prepare for the LA Chargers, possibly the only team whose reputation of shooting themselves in the foot can match the Vikings season thus far. We’ll be back next week with what to expect that game, but in the meantime, Skol Vikings.