Vikings’ New Year’s Resolutions

Football Vikings

Happy New Year Minnesota! After a disappointing (yet familiar) finish to the season, the Vikings and their fans obviously have a few things they need to work on during the offseason as we prepare for a new year. However, for some reason fans seem to disagree as to how to go about improving the team enough to make a run at the playoffs next year. As an unbiased (yet somehow playoff bound) WFT fan, here’s what you and your lovable losers can do to possibly avoid this disappointment next year (though you’ll probably still feel it one way or another). Again, as a WFT fan, I know a LOT about shitty seasons.

Improve The Pass Defense

It’s no secret that the Vikes got torched through the air this past year. Was some of that due to injuries across the board? Yea, probably. But that doesn’t mean there’s not a lot of room for improvement at CB depth as well as finding LBs that can play at least some coverage when needed. Lucky for you, there’s plenty of depth at both positions in the upcoming draft. If Minnesota can get a guy like Patrick Surtain II out of Bama, that’d be a huge W if that’s the route they choose to go.

Improve The OL

Though they weren’t awful this year, the team definitely needs to improve the pass blocking. You’re not exactly working with Lamar Jackson back there. Ezra Cleveland played pretty well for a rookie but the line could definitely use a good bit more depth. Again, there’s some solid OL prospects in the draft, with a stud like Rashawn Slater out of Northwestern possibly being available.

Somehow Reduce Injuries

I know COVID probably affected how physically ready the players were coming into the season, but holy shit the Vikings got bit by the injury bug. After having the best injury luck in 2019, the 2020 Vikings got absolutely obliterated by injuries.

This was mid-2010’s Washington bad. I mean two high-level DEs, the starting TE, best two LBS, and most of the secondary missed multiple games if not the whole season. Regardless of COVID, the team has to do better at keeping players healthy. Maybe it’s replacing the turf, reevaluating the medical staff, or if you’re feeling creative investing in individual bubble wrap suits for each player during practice. Usually injuries are unavoidable, but with this many, you have to think something can be done.

Fix Special Teams

Watching special teams mishaps has probably taken more years off of football fans’ lives than anything else in the game. First off, find a new kicker. Doesn’t matter how you do it, whether it be drafting the brother of Vikings Raiders Legend Daniel Carlson, making a trade, or signing one of us from 10k. Literally just pick any other option than what we currently have and just do it.

Dan Bailey more or less tarnished his reputation this past year, and I know none of you want to watch that again. Also maybe let Ameer Abdullah return all the kicks and punts. Just a thought. Now for the fans…

Take It Easy

Now I know its good to be passionate and optimistic about your team coming into each year. But for God’s sake, maybe take it down a notch or two. I know you feel like you’re cursed (Minnesota very well may be) and its bound to lift at some point, but just take a chill pill every now and then. The amount of reactionary flip-flopping from game to game I saw from fans was a little unsettling. Its OK to have a strong opinion, but maybe don’t expect a playoff run after every win and lose your shit about how the team is hopeless after every loss. I’m saying this not because I’m smug or I think you shouldn’t be passionate about your team, but because I care about your cardiovascular health and mental well-being.

Pick A Stance On Kirk

Kirk Cousins and Adam Thielen

Similar to my last point, I’ve never seen a fan base so split and inconsistent with their QB. One week, he has a decent game and fans are calling him elite. The next he throws a pick or two and fans are reminiscing over Case Keenum. Figure it out and make a decision. In all honestly, he’s a slightly above average QB. He can be super efficient and lead the team to a W. Then he can throw a game away the next week. Whatever your opinion, stick to it and try not to lose your head every week. It’ll lower your blood pressure and improve your mood.

Have Fun!

There’s a lot to look forward to in the future. Dalvin Cook is an established elite RB. Justin Jefferson is a superstar as a rookie. The Vikes have two elite pass rushers when healthy. Harrison Smith is still one of the better safeties in the league (when he doesn’t get ejected for targeting). Be optimistic, support your team, and don’t forget why we watch sports: entertainment. So when next year starts, put on your jersey and lucky socks, grab your case of Busch Light, tune into our exclusive Kirk Cousins pregame interviews (God Bless), and have fun watching your team either win or somehow find a new way to ruin your weekend.