Vikings Should Buy Into “Tank Mode”


Remember when the NFL announced they would have a season as scheduled? Do you also remember how hyped Vikings fans were for the upcoming season (well most Vikings fans…looking at you, Bubba)? While it seems like a year ago due to the pandemic and how shitty the Vikings are currently playing, it was only a few months ago.

Yet with the Vikings season in the crapper, I doubt there has been a season where I coveted a bye-week more. While I haven’t been as invested this year as in the past, the past three weeks have been frustrating to watch. First, they flirt with stealing two wins from top contenders. Then they followed it up with a paper bag-wearing game to the fucking Falcons!

My expectations are extremely low for this team. With how deep the upcoming NFL Draft is, I wouldn’t mind tanking for a game-changing talent such as Justin Fields (come at me)…or maybe an offensive lineman. Yet while some fans are continuing to cheer for wins and view this bye-week as a chance to reset, I am on the complete opposite end of the spectrum.

It is time for Zimmer and Spielman to ditch any semblance of winning and go full tank mode. Their goal for the next week and a half should be learning how to continue to lose games in such a fashion that it doesn’t look like they’re throwing the game away.

Yes, it sucks that it would waste another year of Adam Thielen and Dalvin Cook. But in the long-run, obtaining better players via the draft or through using the pick for trade capital is the way to go. And who knows? The Wilfs could pull a 180 on Zimmer and Spielman one year after giving them extensions and ditch them on the side of 494 in exchange for a new up and coming offensive guru.

Whatever happens for the rest of this season, know that a full tank isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Instead, view it as the death of a beautiful phoenix and this offseason will be its rebirth from the ashes. The Vikings will contend for a Super Bowl, but tanking will ensure it is sooner rather than later.

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