Vikings Looking To Have A Smashing Time In London!


The Vikings won a close game last week that they shouldn’t have, so you know NFL football is fucking back. I mean really, that game felt so shitty until it didn’t. Things looked pretty weird for 3 quarters but the fellas were able to pull through. The biggest takeaway from last week? This team has that dawg in them, especially KJ Osborn.

Now it’s off to London for a fixture with the Saints. Playing in London has always been a good time for us, going undefeated in the 2 trips across the pond. The Wembley game was sweet, almost losing to rookie Leveon Bell and that weirdo Big Ben was not. Playing the 0-16 Browns in ’17 was fun too, the Adam Thielen soccer slide celly was a highlight that all marketing companies will eat up for ages.

Anytime the Vikes face off against that abomination of a franchise, I wish for the score to be 70-0. The score likely won’t be that high, those London games tend to be a little sleepy sometimes. I guess it will match the mood of everyone watching the game at 8:30 in the morning. Hopefully, no one has a rough night before, better set those alarms y’all!

Official score prediction: Vikings 23, Saints 17