Vikings Will Nuke Kyler And The Cards This Weekend

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The bye week came at a good time, and now the Minnesota Vikings are back for the stretch run. First on the docket is the Arizona Cardinals, who have had a bewildering start to their season. Historically, Cards-Vikes matchups are usually intriguing and the two teams always seem to match up evenly. It’s been over a year since the Vikings traveled to AZ and got their hearts broken at the buzzer. Now, we get Kyler and the gang at U.S Bank to level things out. Let’s get into the preview!

What’s Your Weakness?

Everyone has that one thing that they don’t do well. Their kryptonite, if you wanna be fucking nerdy about it. Kirk Cousins and playing in primetime, me and finding love and overthinking fantasy football, and so on. Cardinals QB Kyler Murray has his own weakness, and that so happens to be…Call Of Duty?

Call of Duty has always been one of those games that people can play for hours. Whether you’re running with a squad or trying to level up weapons, you can really get lost in the sauce. High school Age can relate, back in the day CoD was the only thing I cared about. The franchise has definitely taken a hit over the last couple years, but that doesn’t seem to “FaZe” Kyler Murray. He loves CoD, so much so that he’s signed to one of the biggest gaming orgs out there. It’s also maybe why Cardinals management wanted him to have “independent study” time outside of the regular grind. Weird flex but okay.

But this isn’t a mirage. Someone actually did the math, and Kyler Murray specifically plays worse on CoD 2XP weekends than he does any other time. Why is all of this important? Funny you ask, timing is everything. The newest installment of the CoD franchise just debuted Friday with Modern Warfare 2 coming into the fold. I’d have to believe Kyler made sure he brought his whole setup to Minnesota so he can spend his free time going crazy on randoms. Which should prove to be advantageous for the Vikings, considering we’ve had extra time to study and prepare for Kyler and his toddler scrambling tendencies.

It’s All About…Hand Eye Coordination?

Playing CoD can do a couple things for you: either make you lazy or sharp. It all depends on how you look at it, and really who you play with. Juju Smith-Schuster seems to get it, last weekend bringing up the fact that playing CoD with this teammates has helped them gel. Most people thought it was a ridiculous claim, but chemistry is everything. If you can be cool under pressure on Warzone and finish the job, you can do almost everything. Maybe Kyler should take a page from Juju and start gaming with his team. They might be better off that way.

Despite all the CoD hoopla, this weekend’s matchup should be fun and close; the spread only favors the Vikings by 3.5. Coming out this bye, it will be interesting to see how the Vikings respond to the time off. Hopefully the bye week got everyone refreshed and focused to go on a 11-game winning streak to finish the year. That’s what it’ll take at this point to buck the Eagles for the number one seed. All we need is Kyler to be off his game and thinking about a different one. Easy enough, right? Well maybe not, Deandre Hopkins is back and has always given the Vikings headaches. But our offense is better, so i’m not too concerned. Yours truly will be in attendance as USBS ready to take in the action. After the missed FG to end that game last year, more antics have to be in store. I’m calling this my revenge game, Vikings by double digits.