Walking 18 holes of golf is a long winding road of fun and pain.

Walking 18 Holes of Golf: A Fight Against All Odds

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I’m guessing most of us finally recovered from our Masters hangover and are jonesing to get out for our own 18. The chance to play seems like it’s close, but MN weather clearly lives on the bipolar spectrum.

Talk about a tease. 57°, 74°, 58° in 3 days. Disgusting. Imagine starting the round with an unlucky bounce forcing you to save bogey on the 1st. Collecting your cool, you hit a few beauts and get back to even with a bird on 2. Now, you’re feeling great and smoke a bomb of a drive. However, it’s short-lived as you follow it with 2 duffs and 3 putt to double the 3rd. The start to this round and MN spring weather will give you the same feelings of utter heartbreak and frustration.

Anyway, everyone’s probably still wondering why on earth I would walk 18 holes of golf. It’s already hard enough, why make it a full-blown nightmare? Calm down and take it back a step. We all know there’s at least 4 reasons:

  1. You get to be away from your wife/husband and kids for a longer period of time.
  2. Your doctor tells you to “exercise more” or you “might die.”
  3. It gives more ability to delete beers with the boys.
  4. You’re poorer than Latrell Sprewell during his 2004 contract extension and have an addiction to hating yourself playing golf. 

Laying somewhere smack dab in-between reasons 3 and 4, I decided to take the hike yesterday. Let me tell you about the adventure.

Walking 18 Holes: 1-6:

I took a breath of fresh air and felt the 37 degree wind warm sun rays fall over my skin as I walked to the 1st tee. Reaching down, I stuck my tee through the hard brown mud luscious green grass. Then I pulled out my  2009 hand-me-down TopFlight brand-new, sleek, extra-stiff, 2022 TaylorMade driver and lined myself up. Finally, I ripped a 230 yard slider hook into the water 350-yard missile, dead center, down the middle of the fairway. I couldn’t be phased as I lived the dream walking down that first tee to the drop area. Only took me 50 yards before realizing I forgot my bag back at the tee because I’m a psychopath walking 18 holes of golf in 37-degree MN weather and not a PGA Tour Pro with a caddie. In other words, I felt great.

Walking 18 Holes: 7-12: 

I still felt pretty elite at this point. Mixed in some pars while playing mostly bogey golf. The sun shined, and I didn’t have a care in the world. Towards the start of the back, my bag got lighter as the beers, seltzers, and balls emptied out. However, my scorecard got heavier as it crept higher and higher with extra strokes here and there. At about this time, I started attempting to reach every green in 1, trying to hole out from bunkers, and giving myself any lie I saw fit. Both the mind and body moved strong still.

Waking 18 Holes: 13-18:

Uh oh. The time has come. The athletic intensity and pure physical demand of walking an 18-hole golf course finally caught me. Over those last 6 holes, I started feeling it in my feet. Every step felt like hot coals burning into my quickly developing plantar fasciitis. Then my weak core made an appearance with each swing slowly destabilizing my spine. Even lifting my bag onto my back felt like I was setting Olympic lifting records with my deteriorating muscles. I knew I couldn’t quit, but I unfortunately made a massive sacrifice. I abandoned my scorecard to lighten the sheer weight of my bag over the final holes. Nobody will ever see my total score, but I was willing to make the sacrifice. I guess word-of-mouth will spread the news of my 3 under 69. With one final putt, I completed the round and conquered the challenge…

The Aftermath:

I walked 18 holes. Some may say I’m a hero, others call me their inspiration. More will look to follow in my footsteps. I wouldn’t say those things myself. I’m just living proof that it can be done if your passion and love for the game trump the rest.

There are a few reasons to walk 18 holes of golf. Mine typically reside in the cheap entertainment and more time spent having fun areas. However, a 5th reason might be uncovering itself. Proving you’re a one-of-a-kind athlete who won’t back down to a challenge. Therefore, I challenge you 10KTakes fans to take the walk. Send before and after pictures of you achieving the improbable. The best ones might even make their way to somewhere cool. Now, let’s go drink beers and play golf. 


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