We Built the Biggest Beer Cup Snake in North America

Baseball Booze

This blog may be terrible but I’m violently hungover (For a great reason)

On July 1 2021, 10K Takes put another stamp in the history books (Next to the other one) as “The new kids on the block in Minnesota Media”.

If you would have told me 1.5 years ago when we started this company that we would build the biggest Beer Cup Snake in North America (The Australians still have us beat), I wouldn’t believe it. From writing a blog about how Randy Dobnak looks like a guy with multiple motorcycles, to signing hats for kids who we bring daily laughs to, I just can’t believe we made it here:

Please stop crying, we should be the last people on planet Earth inspiring kids….

Herb Brooks Voice* “I’m sick and tired about hearing how great of a beer snake the Cubs built, screw em! This is YOUR TIME”… And let me tell you, we stuck it to them. Yes, the Cubs did it first, but ours broke the record. So who gets the last laugh? That would be 10K Takes & the St.Paul Saints:

Per Wikipedia, holy shit Mom we made it

And it’s not about a stack of cups, it’s about meeting the people that support us every day and are allowing us to chase our dreams (Maybe I can inspire kids). So I can tell you this… It’s only the beginning of the 10K empire: