The 2021 Vikings Are Officially Toast.

NFL Vikings

Well… Watching the 2021 Vikings on Sundays sure is a lot of fun. After a lackluster effort against a WINLESS team, Kirk Cousins rallied to give the Vikings the lead late Sunday afternoon. Now to get the W, the hope lied in the hands of the defense. Surely the defense could step up and stop the Lions from scoring. Ha. Instead, all they did was escort a WINLESS team down the field and blew their own playoff hopes. And to think, I was upset people were calling this a trap game! Silly me, actually having hope in my favorite team.

the emotion rollercoaster we go on for 3 hours every week is unhealthy.

This game came down to the classic version of not executing well enough to win. It didn’t help that most of the best players on the team were unavailable, everyone absent has been a freaking Pro Bowler. Still, you think the Alex Mattison and most of the backups could beat a terrible LOLions team, right?

Purple is the color of choking

“Do or not do. There is no try.” Something that the creepy lil guy from Star Wars said, and it rings true. The Vikings DID NOT try to get Jared Goff off his game on the last drive. The cushion they gave the receivers on the game-winning TD was enough to set up a table and have a damn picnic. Seriously, I thought defense was your thing Zim?

Of course the game was wild and went to the final play. This season has taken more time off of my life than I could imagine, and I’m a student driving instructor for fucks sake! Sad thing is, Detroit gave up the lead finally in typical LOLions fashion for us to even have a chance to take the lead.

Well, at least we have the annual Favored-To-Win-But-Get-Nutslapped loss happen already. It sucks that it was to the Lions, (seriously, we lost to the fucking LIONS) but good for them that they finally got a W, I guess. Now a short week against the Steelers without most of our stars against sounds like a brutal way to spend a Thursday night. Glad I got tickets. Hopefully the 2021 Vikings will put us out of our misery soon.