We Stand With OzemPig!

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Nowadays on the internet, everyone gets worked up about the littlest things. On today’s version of that, we have people trying to come after our beloved St. Paul Saints and a precious little pig.

Now, a real one here would be able to see this for what it is…A clever joke! The Saints did just that here with the name of their 2024 ballpig. Yes, the concept of a ballpig is weird, but you gotta roll with it. It’s just Minor League baseball. And cmon, we love a good play on words.

Ozempic is all the rage right now, and what better way to go viral than to attach yourself to things that are…also going viral. This is how these minor league teams get people drawn in. You wouldn’t think otherwise to go to a 2,000-seat ballpark on a Tuesday. Unless you’re making a cup snake, or you’re a baseball psychopath (or both) it just doesn’t happen.

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