minnesota fans laughing on a wednesday afternoon

Wednesday Afternoon Pick Me Up


Do the Wild make you sad? Does trading back in the draft EVERY SINGLE YEAR make you angry? If so, this blog should relieve you of those feelings and hopefully make you smile today. (before the Wild lose 4-1 and go down 2-0 in the series). This is a small collection of my favorite videos of all time.

Everything about this video is hilarious. The horrible early 2000s picture quality, the brutal morning news segment about making wine and the sounds she makes when falling. If there was ever an Internet Hall of Fame, this video is a first ballot and a unanimous entry.

If you are beginning to see a theme with these videos you’re absolutely right. Something about the local news brings out the best in people. Nothing was better than this kid. I must have said “I like turtles” a million times in high school.

No commentary needed. An all-timer. So many quotable videos from the geniuses that are Key & Peele.

Local news. Goes viral. Goes on Ellen. Vanishes into obscurity. The dream.


Dangerous? Absolutley! Is it still hilarious? Of course!

The Wolves are already out, I’m sure the Wild will continue to lose, and the Twins & Vikings will inevitably let us down. But be on the lookout for more random uplifting blogs from your favorite site, 10K Takes.

If you prefer to wallow in the misery of Minnesota SportsTM, have we got the shirt for you. It will be relevant every Monday morning this fall and for years to come!