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I absolutely love the board this week. Now that we are in full swing of the NFL season this is when we start to trend upward 📈. We know who’s for real and who are frauds (*cough* *cough* the Raiders). So go to our friends at Bettoredge.com and use promo code “10k” to get a FREE $10 bet when you sign up. You can use it to fade me, roll with me, or the Plohasz Parlay! Either way, it’s a free $10 bet in your pocket.

Starting this week I’m going to also start implementing a celebrity picker each week. This week we are gonna roll with bossman!

This guy just looks like a winning bet ticket

Jets +3 @ Falcons -3 (London)

My pick: Falcons

Confidence level: B+

The Jets coming off a win has me very confident they’ll get blown out of the water. Even though the Falcons are down their top 2 WR and they are the Falcons.

Broncos +1 @ Steelers -1

My pick: Broncos

Confidence level: B

I think the Broncos are a solid team. Teddy loves to cover. Big Ben is BAD.

Lions +10 @ Vikings -10

My pick: Vikings

Confidence level: B

It feels like a trap game but the Lions who are bad to start with are extremely injured. At the bank I like the Vikes by 2 touchdowns or more.


Packers -3 @ Bengals +3

My pick: Packers

Confidence level: A

Bossman with the inaugural celebrity pick takes the Packers -3. Bengals have proven to be a solid team and are at home but the Packers are hot and a 3 point spread seems like a rat line and Vegas wants us to take the cheese. I’ll test them on it.

Dolphins +10 @ Bucs -10

My pick: Bucs

Confidence level: A

This seems like a big-time blowout. The Dolphins are bad and it’s in Tampa. Bucs all day every day and twice on Sundays.

Patriots -9 @ Texans +9

My pick: Patriots

Confidence level: B-

I’m taking the Pats strictly for the fact of Mr. Belichick coaching against QB Davis Mills.

Saints -2.5 @ Football Team +2.5

My pick: Avoiding This spread at all costs but if I have to pick I’ll go with the Saints

Confidence Level: D

Saints coming off a loss, Football team coming off a win means the results will flip flop this week? Idk? I hate this game and spread.

Eagles +3 @ Panthers -3

My pick: Panthers

Confidence Level: A-

Carolina is a good football team, the Eagles are a bad football team. The Panther’s defense should hold down the Eagles.

Titans -4.5 @ Jaguars +4.5

My pick: Titans

Confidence level: B+

The Jaguars are bad, they have a bozo of a head coach and a locker room that hates him. Also, Derick Henry should run all over the Jags.

Bears +5.5 @ Raiders -5.5

My pick: da Bears

Confidence level: B-

Not a believer in the Raiders and I think Justin Fields is dynamic. The Bears still have a good defense too.

Browns +2 @ Chargers -2

My Pick: Browns

Confidence Level: C

This is a coin flip game and when picking I usually fall back on 2 things. Who’s home, and who is + points. Since that’s split I’ll roll with the Chargers missing a late kick for the Browns to win/cover.

Giants +7 @ Cowboys -7

My pick: Cowboys

Confidence level: B-

The Cowboys are an absolute wagon. They should be able to dog the giants at home.

49ers +4.5 @Cardinals -4.5

My pick: Cardinals

Confidence level: B-

An in-division game scares me and the Cardinals are due for a weird loss. But Trey Lance’s first start and it’s tough to bet against Kyler.

Bills +3 @ Chiefs -3

My pick: Chiefs

Confidence level: C+

This should be a hell of a game. Primetime, two wagons of a team and potentially a playoff preview. It’s just tough to bet against the Chiefs at home.

Colts +7 @ Ravens -7

My pick: Colts

Confidence Level: C-

What a gross Monday night game. Seven points is too much for me to have the Ravens cover but I’m not a fan of it.


I am fully aware that the Plohasz Parlay is down 4 units. But we are due for a win and we can be back just like that.

Plohasz Parlay







This is +509 and if this hits the Plohasz Parlay is up money. Let’s have one hell of a Sunday!

ATS: 31-29

Plohasz Parlay: 0-4

Having fun: 4-0