Keep your Gaard up: Week 7 NFL Gambling

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Bettors Edge is shaking in their boots right now. After last week’s 9-4 performance we are on a HEATER. Who says the house always wins? This week we welcome Justin Gaard from KFAN to make our celebrity pick. Let’s stay hot friends.

Falcons -2.5 @ Dolphins +2.5

My pick: Falcons

Confidence level: B+

Miami is coming back from London where they lost to the Jaguars, Falcons are off a bye and should be fully rested and prepared. The Dolphins believe in Tua so little they are about to trade for Deshaun Watson.

Panthers -3 @ Giants +3

My pick: Panthers

Confidence level: B

The Panthers hung in there against the Vikings when Sam Darnold looked very bad. The Panthers also had 9 drops and they still went to OT. Even if they play an average game they should be able to handle the Giants.

Bengals +6.5 @ Ravens -6.5

My pick: Bengals

Confidence level: B-

The Ravens are flat out the better team and at home but the Bengals are a very solid football team. A touchdown spread seems a little too high in a divisional game.

Chiefs -4.5 @ Titans +4.5

My Pick: Chiefs

Confidence level: C+

The Chiefs are ranked 32 against the run. The Titans have Derick Henry. I’m just not sure the Titans defense can hang with the Chiefs offense on a short week and off the high of an emotional win. It seems like a letdown game for the Titans.

Jets +7 @ Patriots -7

My pick: Pats

Confidence level: B+

If you witnessed what Zach Wilson went through last time he played New England and you bet the Jets this week you are a crazy person. Clinically insane.

Football Team +8 @ Packers -8

My Pick: Packers

Confidence level: B

The Football Team is not good. The Packers are very good. Game at Lambeau and there’s no reason the Packers don’t win by double digits.

Lions +16 @ Rams -16

My pick: Rams

Confidence level: B-

Double-digit lines always scare me, this is a double TD line… but if you close your eyes and imagine the game what’s more likely? The Rams winning by 17 or the Lions keeping it somewhat close?

Eagles +3 @ Raiders -3

My pick: I would pick push but for the sake of this let’s roll with the Raiiiiiiders.

Confidence level: B-

The Raiders went into Denver and stomped the Broncos, now they get the Eagles at home and if they can contain Jalen Hurts running then they should come away with the win.

Bears +12.5 @ Bucs -12.5

My pick: Bears

Confidence level: C+

The Bears have a solid defense and are average enough on offense to keep games close. 12.5 is a ton of points.

Texans +17.5 @ Cardinals -17.5

My Pick: Texans

Confidence level: F

I hate betting on the Texans but I’ll counter that with I’m not betting on the Texans I’m betting the 17.5 points.


Colts +4 @ Niners -4

Justin Gaard’s pick: 49ers

“I’ll take the colts to cover against San Francisco, they might even win the game. I don’t love any of the other games on the board and Carson Wentz has played pretty well the last few weeks. If he doesn’t break his ankles walking on or off the plane I think he does enough on the road to at least cover against an average at best Niners team.”

– Justin Gaard

Saints -5 @ Seahawks +5.5

My pick: Seahawks

Confidence level: C

The Seahawks didn’t look “good” on Sunday Night football but they did play hard. Now back home on prime time, the 12th man should be rowdy. The Saints are the toughest team to bet on in the NFL. They either play like a top tier team, or they play like a bottom feeder. You never know which team will show up.

Plohasz Parlay

Bye week.

ATS: 48-41-1

Plohasz Parlay: -6 units

Celebrity Picker: 1-0-1

Having fun: 6-0