Welcome Rhett Pitlick – Top 5 Gopher Hockey Goals of All Time

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One of the most incredible things you will ever see

I want to start this out by giving a trigger warning for UND fans (Sorry to the 10K Bosses and the Has Beens pod) You are mentioned as victims in a couple of these gopher goals.

If you are a college hockey fan of any sort or a hockey fan in general. Basically, you had to go out of your way not to see this goal by Rhett Pitlick for the Minnesota Gophers in the Big Ten Championship game over the weekend. A 1v1 where he puts it through the defender 5 times until the defenseman eventually falls over and Pitlick sends it Bar Mexico past the goalie. If I’m the Michigan Defender I’m quitting hockey. Hanging my skates up and saying it’s been a good run, he will never live it down. The amount of views from Twitter Instagram Espn SC’s top 10 is just hurtful. Pure Filth from Rhett.

Most players wouldn’t be able to pull it off let alone have the balls to try the move on its own. Surely there was no doubt in my mind he was sending his stick over the glass as he did vs North Dakota earlier in the year. Have a look for yourself Below:

Top 5 Gopher Goals in my lifetime

Maybe it’s an in-the-moment overreaction take from me, but it’s in my top 5 and it isn’t five. It wasn’t a game-winner in the Ncaa Tournament or even the game-winner in the Big Ten championship since the Gophers eventually fell to the Wolverines. Ultimately from a jaw-dropping, hold-your-breath gasp moment, this is definitely up there since I started watching the gophers in 2000.

#5: Nate Schmidt Game Winner vs Wisconsin

He not only saves it on the blue line, but toe drags around the defenseman and fires a rocket to win it for the Gophers over hated rival Wisco. One of those jump out of your seat Goals for a Gopher fan.

#4: Kyle Okaposo’s Between the legs vs Mankato

Okapso ended up leaving halfway through the year to go to the pros, but this is one where you keep watching and watching because you couldn’t believe it. When this happened these goals like Zegras and players are pulling off now weren’t happening regularly.

#3 Justin Holl’s game-winner over North Dakota

Not much to say here, 0.6 seconds to send the Gophers to the Championship over their biggest rival. I remember looking at the time and thinking there was no way he got it off. An all-timer and probably should be number two.. but like I said I’m being a prisoner of the moment. Also one of my favorite Gopher hockey uniforms of all time!

#2: It’s not going to be number 1 because that will be forever solidified.

But Rhett’s goal this past weekend is absolutely mesmerizing. To get the defender to fall over and be able to finish is just incredible. I have watched this goal probably 50 times every hour since it happened. I feel like I’m watching the Diggs miracle catch, something you cant believe every time you watch. Hats off Rhett, you will be forever remembered for this.

#1 Blake Wheeler’s Diving Goal

Unquestionably number one forever in my mind. You could try this 1000 times and it may never happen. For me, it’s on the level of the Ovechkin spinning around on his back goal. Against UND and to dive and hit the puck in the air over the goalie is so improbable it will never be topped. PS. i still miss the old WCHA battles.

The skate for 6 continues for the Gophers this Thursday against Canisius! Check out Veech’s bracket breakdown blog for all of the college hockey matchups later in the week.

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