Welcome to Jaden’s Penitentiary

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Jaden McDaniels is the Clamp God, Warden, Jailer. Whatever you want to call Jaden, the second you step on the court to him you will be welcomed to Jaden’s Penitentiary. You better be ready or it will be a VERY long night for you.

Wolves fans know that Jaden is a top 3 wing defender in the game. It isn’t Wolves fans that need to be put on notice, though. Luckily, I’ve seen a lot of talk about him on Twitter, which is quite surprising but there is still not enough talk about his greatness. It needs to be known.

LOOK AT THAT! This is coming from a 22 year old! If As his offense game keeps getting better, Jaden could be is becoming a legit stud. The national recognition is getting bigger but there is still work to do to inform the masses of just how damn good this kid is.

If you are just a casual Wolves (or basketball) fan, I get not understanding just how special Jaden is. If you just tune in, you are most likely mainly watching the offense. Really focus on D and on Jaden, it will become immediately obvious how good he is.

A lot of it goes unnoticed too, because he’s mainly a perimeter defender. Sometimes his guy isn’t even getting many shots because of the lockdown D Jaden is playing. Slowly Jaden is getting the recognition, and soon it will be obvious that he is one of the best defenders in this league.

Jaden’s Penitentiary is settled, but the man still needs a nickname

All over Twitter Wolves fans have been debating what Jaden’s nickname should be. For some reason “Seatbelt” has been one of the ones that has been mentioned the most. Please do not call him that, it needs to sound natural.

Honestly, to me, “The Warden” is pretty cool but truthfully we should just keep calling him his name. Unless he comes out and says a nickname he likes, there is no reason to force it. Until then, let’s just enjoy Jaden McDaniels. He is OURS and hopefully he will be OURS for the rest of time.


There has been enough “serious” talk, so now let’s look at some of the best Jaden McDaniels memes.

If you feel so inspired, there are even more good ones out there on Al Gore’s internet. If you guys wanna find the others go onto Timberwolves reddit or make your way to Wolves Twitter. There are a lot of people making great content on there.

We are blessed to have Jaden on this squad and we better not take it for granted. Wolves Nation loves you and we all can’t wait to continue to watch to lock up the opposing stars. It will be a tough stretch to end the season but we should have faith especially with how we have played of late. We are sitting in 6th but can’t get a win against a bad team to save our lives. We can though beat good teams, the mystery of the Wolves continues. See you soon Wolves Nation and WELCOME to Jaden’s Penitentiary.