Jordan Addison drat night picture

Welcome To Minnesota, Jordan Addison!


The NFL Draft is always one of the most interesting and unexpected nights on the sports calendar. Trades. Viral moments. Fans going out of their mind for someone they barely know. And I mean good and bad reactions! We have seen some tough reactions to picks in the past but I think that’s behind us a society. Hopefully…

The 10K brain trust and 2/3 of State of Skol were on hand to experience draft night to the fullest. It was my first time attending an official draft party for I usually have worked the night of and have kept my phone on silent, so I don’t spoil picks. But the FOMO from last year’s madness convinced me to get in on the fun this year.

The Vikings held pick #23, so it was gonna be a hot minute before we knew who the newest Viking would be. There were plenty of fun activities on the floor of US Bank Stadium. Blackjack for quirky prizes courtesy of Little Six was fun and Brian O’Neil was running one of the tables. God damn is that man huge. Personally, I was spent after walking a mile walking and then scootering to the stadium, so yours truly didn’t participate in any games of bags or Madden against little kids (whom I would’ve destroyed). I did, however, hit the people with my best Ray Lewis impression.

The draft itself went as expected for the first pick, then the Texans went haywire on the bit and snagged CJ Stroud at #2 only to send the house for pick #3 and snag Will Anderson Jr. WOW! Anthony Richardson at #4 to the Colts was crazy as hell too. So, the surprises came in hot and made the night get off to a good start.

After a walking taco, I was starting to lose steam. But the picks seemed to move quicker as time went on. Maybe the Coors Light had something to do with that? Yeah.. yeah, it did. Finally, a whole 3 hours later, the Vikings were on the clock. Anticipation was building as no one had any clue what the Vikings were going to do. My fingers were crossed for a WR only to have 3 studs go before the purple. Nonetheless, the Vikings pulled the trigger on a BEAST.

Jordan Addison is a fantastic addition to this team. He has great route running skills and a canny ability to get open. The only thing that scares me is his size. In the NFL, he will have to work a little harder to make it work at that position. But to think of him as a solid 3rd option behind JJ and TJ is an OC’s wet dream. Plus, nightmares for the defenses in the NFC North and beyond. Kirk Cousins loved the pick. It’s great that we got him another reliable target to bring this offense to a new level.

Day One in the books and we’ve got all weekend to marinate in the greatness of the NFL Draft. All of these guys going after tonight I will have zero clue who they are but it’s about enjoying the process. Not much action will be had for the Vikes Friday as they only possess a single 3rd round pick. But tonight was a big step in solidifying this Vikings offense as one of the NFL’s best.