Welcome to Minnesota, Tim Connelly.

Basketball Timberwolves

Our New POBO: Tim Connelly

The new Timberwolves owners Alex Rodriguez & Marc Lore have entered the 2022-2023 season swinging. It started with stealing Tim Connelly and making him the new President of Basketball Operations. A blockbuster move for the Wolves who had been relatively happy with Interim Saptin Gupta’s job. A massive signing of a 5-year 40 million dollar deal that most NHL players would be ecstatic to sign comes with a reported ownership stake in the team. While most years in the past the Timberwolves would have signed Gupta to an extension and headed into the offseason with relatively no noise. Like I have said in the past, these are not the same old Timberwolves.

Connelly and his Past

Over the past 9 seasons, Tim Connley has spent his time with the Denver Nuggets. He lead the team into the playoffs the past 4 years and a Western Conference Finals run in 2020. What’s most impressive in Connley’s time with the Nuggets is his draft ability. Which has crippled the Wolves for most of their time in the league. The ability to draft quality players in the NBA is harder than you think. The T-wolves know that all too well. With draft picks like Derrick Williams at two, Johnny Flynn at six, and most recently Jarret Culver at five the Wolves can benefit more than anyone with quality draft picks. Lastly, take a look at a shortlist of Connelly’s picks in Denver below.

The Future

Coming off the first playoff birth in multiple years the Timberwolves look to focus on the future with new eyes. Connlley has multiple moves he can make to either shake the current roster up, with a possible trade of D’Angelo Russel, a resigning of Taurean Prince, and other pending free agents. He and the rest of the front office will have a decade-defining decision. That is whether or not to sign Karl Anthony Towns to a 4-year 210 million dollar extension after he is chosen to the All-NBA team.

With a ton of moves on the horizon, the Wolves hope to finally have some stability with new owners, a new POBO, and a relatively new coach who are all on long-term deals. As the summer sun comes out, the temperatures start to rise. The future starts to look even brighter as the Timberwolves start their ascension to the top of the NBA standings. Let’s shake off that first-round exit and look toward the future.