Cam Akers Vikings

Welcome To the Vikings, Cam Akers!


Ladies and Gentleman, Kwesi Adofo Mensah has cooked once again. He must have heard that some people are putting him on the hot seat. The Vikes GM made moves on Wednesday when the Vikings traded for disgruntled Rams RB Cam Akers.

The Vikes get him for basically nothing, swapping 6th round picks for the man. It says a lot about how much the Rams valued him, which may be a bad thing? I’m not sure. What I am sure of is, is that his former coach Sean McVay is a pretty boy dickhead and hates Akers. It seems like the two had a back and forth based on his playing time. Anyone who plays fantasy football knows the headache Cam Akers creates for your roster. And that just so happens to be a problem for yours truly.

But Why the Vikings?

This was a surprise move just based on the fact that the Vikings never seemed like a destination for Akers. After the heartbreaking injury to Nick Chubb, most people figured the Browns would be calling LA for his services. But the Vikings stepped in and made an offer. In my eyes, I love the move. I said earlier last week that maybe Alexander Mattison maybe wasn’t the answer for RB1. This gives Akers and Mattison to play off the lightning and thunder approach a lot of RBBC’s posses.

Depending on how you feel about Kwesi and Cam Akers, you may hate this move for the Vikings. But what does it hurt to get a solid player at a dirt cheap cost? Not much, not much at all. I doubt this trade will end up worse than the Jalen Reagor situation. This move, as well as signing top free agent Guard Dalton Risner, by the Vikings proves that the competitive rebuild is always up and running.