Wendy’s new fries are hot garbage.


Wendy‘s does a lot of things right. They have the Baconator, the even better breakfast Baconator, spicy nuggets, 4 for $4, and their social media game is world-class. They specifically were left off my list of most overrated places to eat because of how good things were going for the redhead. But much like the Minnesota Timberwolves fell from grace the moment Kevin Garnett left the team, I worry Wendy’s may spiral into irrelevance now that they’ve parted ways with their old fries. Wendy’s new fries are disgusting.

I don’t know who you are but you tell them, Diane from Twitter.

I’m truthfully not sure who thought Wendy’s new fries were a good idea. We all understand McDonald’s fries are king but give me an order of hot Wendy’s fries and a frosty and I’m not sure I can find anything better for $3. Well, at least before.

“oh my god, average at best!”

Wendy’s new fries taste like Burger King and Applebee’s fries decided to have a baby spud. They offer all the missing quality from Burger King’s fries with the lack of crunch from Applebee’s. Wendy’s new fries aren’t meant to be dipped in a frosty because they aren’t meant to be eaten.

Yeah, you let Wendy’s have it, Nick from Twitter!

Are you happy, Wendy’s? Because nobody else is.

XOXO to that opinion, Becca.

You don’t have to take my word for it. I may be the closest thing to a food blogger at 10K, but doesn’t make me any type of expert. Instead, listen to whomever Jivin’ Pete is on Twitter. This dude has 1 follower and has things to say to that person.

I’m jivin’ with this tweet.

Wendy’s new fries are an absolute travesty. Dave would have never put up with this. Fix it.