We’re About to Start the Best Time of the Year: Spring

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For my money, the best spot on the calendar begins this weekend. Some people are all over fall, and fair enough because football is king. Some people love the holidays, and more power to em. But I’m here to make a contention that spring is the best season all-around, and we’re right at the starting line of it. Here’s just a few of the reasons we’re about to start the best time of the year.

Spring Forward: Daylight Savings Time

Spring Forward: Daylight Savings Time

Even when the winter is as mild as it’s been this year, there’s nothing more depressing than waking up in darkness, going to work, and then coming home to darkness. The spring forward is about to hit like a ton of bricks and set up a lot of pieces that we’ll touch on later in this blog.

Now, I have no idea why we still practice daylight savings, and I also don’t know if this means we’re in daylight savings or out of it. Whatever this version is where the sun’s up till 8, let’s stick with that. Still, until Washington gets off its ass and makes it permanent, this is an exciting change of season to kick things off.

St. Patrick’s Day

St. Paul for Saint Patrick's Day

Shoutout to the little brothers in St. Paul, it’s your time to shine. We’ve got an entire holiday dedicated to day drinking, good times, and the Irish. Sign me up. I’m about as Irish as one of those leprechaun slot machines at Mystic Lake, but my beard is red enough to lean in when this holiday comes around. Everyone looks good in green, and it’s an added day to hate England, which we could all use more of.

March Madness

March Madness Logo

I think brackets might be the most satisfying thing to look at in the world (probably a carryover effect from my wrestling days), and the NCAA basketball tournament is the grand-daddy of them all. a 68 team straight-bracket that doesn’t reseed? *chef’s kiss*.

Beyond a love for organized competition, it’s also an amazing time of all-day sports, with everyone in the country watching the same games. Your coworkers are probably really confused about what you’re talking about when discussing the pros and cons of a heliocentric offense, but Janet in accounting is going to have a foolproof strategy for a tough Wichita State vs Loyola Chicago round of 32 matchups. Winning your bracket means not only are you smarter than everyone else, but you’re also a better person than them. Money is temporary, but your one shining moment is forever.

Outdoor Beers

Drinking beers outside in the Spring

Need I say more? You drink in the winter to push through, to survive until the day when you can see the sun. Come spring, it’s time to sweep off the patio, turn up the speaker, and enjoy the fresh air while you pound a few Captain’s Patch Shandys at Elm Creek Brewing (available now!).

Some people might throw up the challenge flag on this one and say this should be a feather in the cap for Summer, rather than Spring. I love a beach beer as much as the next guy, but what I don’t love is baking in the sun at 95 degrees and sweating out anything I can put in. The spring gives you complete control of your day, enjoy the world at your own pace.

The Masters

The Masters, the Spring Classic

“Hello, Friends!” and welcome to the greatest golf tournament on planet Earth. The first major of the year is a tradition unlike any other, and for good reason. The birds chirping, the perfectly kept green, Jim Nantz’s soothing voice without Tony Romo adlibbing about nothing every damn millisecond. Also, the nap you take during the Saturday round will catch you up on all the sleep you’ve missed in the last 6 months. I’m getting a little emotional just typing about it.

Playoff Season

NHL/NBA Playoffs logos

NHL and NBA time! These leagues with marathon seasons and too many games to care about, it’s finally time to lock in once the playoffs come around. The NBA suddenly becomes watchable, as players start to play defense (not talking to you, Wolves <3). If that’s not your speed, the quest for the Stanley Cup speaks for itself. I’ll admit, I’m a football guy at heart, but I’m here for the people that iron man our teams for the whole season, and the excitement that has to come with playoff time.

Baseball is Back

MLB Opening Day

Rounding out the season, there’s something kind of magical about the return of baseball. Sure, it runs into its dog days in the summer, but the energy around opening day is something that always stands out from other sports. Going to the ballpark for the first time of the year, and seeing kids that got to skip school to go with their parents, there’s nothing quite like it. Also again, outdoor beers.


This turned into even more reasons than I planned on, and I still probably missed more in there (NFL draft baby). There’s just nothing like the Spring, and I’m ready to put my flag in the sand. We’re about to start the best time of the year, and I’m on cloud 9 just thinking about it.

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