What Happened To Kudos Granola Bars? (The Best Granola Bars Ever Made)

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Do you ever see a tweet that blows your mind because it brings back instant memories from many years ago? This happened to me tonight with a tweet about granola bars. Yes granola bars, but not just any granola bars, the best granola bars. IF you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m talking about Kudos granola bars. They randomly vanished from shelves years ago, and I guess they disappeared from everyone’s memories as well. Kudos Granola bars where THE FUCK did you go????

I always remember eating these as a kid but have no idea how, when, or why they got discontinued. My favorite by far was the M&M one, followed by the Dove one. I never remember complaining or realizing they left the shelves whenever they did but now that I realized it probably 15 years later, I’M PISSED!!!

The first thing I did was obviously Google search them to see if they were still around (which they aren’t), then tried to figure out why the hell they just vanished. No one really knows why they left other than he said she said speculation bullshit.

How were these just forgotten in everyone’s brain, including mine? I’ve never once heard someone say “What happened to those Kudos granola bars” or ever even mention them. They really were the best granola bar out there… so so good, the best part was if I was ever to bring cold lunch in elementary school I knew one of these was always waiting.

Kudos Granola Bars

Am I The Only One?

Not going to lie, when I first saw the picture of them it gave me that weird ass Mandela effect feeling that had me questioning if they were actually real or not. The good news is all my friends quickly ended that speculation, and had the same review on them as me. The best damn granola bar out there. So once again MARS company, why did you discontinue one of the best snacks on the market? Something made them do it and I wanna get to the bottom of this BS.

All We Can Do Is Sit And Pray

Now look I ain’t much of a church guy… like at all but maybe someway somehow by the grace of the god almighty, these will fall back down onto our earth during this upcoming year. The kids need it, the world hasn’t been the same at all since they left. These things were so good they coulda cured Covid, what a shame. I’m doing my part to start the fight to bring these back. If someone makes them for me (please do) I will obviously eat them but just no nothing will compare to those crack-filled granola bars that just randomly vanished one day.

Start the petition! I need them back NOW!