What MN Sports Fans Are Thankful For This Year

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Can you believe it’s already Thanksgiving this week?! It seems like just yesterday that we were hitting the beach and watching the Twins shit the bed. Now we’re here and there’s snow on the ground watching the Vikings blow it in any game that’s not at noon. I’m here to be positive though, so without further ado, here is what MN sports fans should be thankful for this year.

Twins New Uniforms

What can make a fanbase more excited than resigning an all-star like Carlos Correa or attempting literally at all to improve their pitching? You’re goddamn right. New fucking uniforms.

So they really didn’t change too much. Yes, they are all new, but the TC logo is basically the same and the M with the star is brand new and I’m undecided on it at the moment. The only new jersey is the blue and white Twin Cities one which I fucking love. It’s on my Christmas list along with an Air Jettas sweatshirt.

Overall I’m a fan and always like to see new threads, but what I’d really be thankful for is if they were able to sign some pitching this offseason. I cannot go through another season with this pitching rotation.

Justin Jefferson

We’re gonna go ahead and forget about that game on Sunday against the Cowboys. It didn’t happen. JJ has been an absolute MONSTER this year. He already has over 1000 yards receiving with 7 games left in the season. He may be +20000 to win the MVP right now, but if he keeps putting up stats and having absolutely insane catches like he had against Buffalo, those odds may improve quickly.

With JJ on the field, it always feels like we got a shot to win, and for that, I am thankful.


Being a Minnesota sports fan can be hard. Like really fucking hard. Here at 10k we’re fans of all Minnesota sports and sometimes they don’t play up to our expectations. Being the state of hockey can be tough when your favorite hockey team starts out the year letting up 13 goals in through its first two games and is now 8-8.

That’s where our good old friend alcohol comes into play. How better to enjoy any game than with a nice buzz going, and then when your football team who you thought could win the super bowl loses by 37 you just keep her going? Ahhh the memories.

It may be a long winter if the Wild and Wolves don’t turn it around and the Vikings somehow mess this whole thing up. If that’s the case, we’re gonna need to stock up on that stuff, and for that I’m thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving

There’s plenty to be thankful for this year and MN sports in general are a big one. To be honest I don’t know what I would talk about and complain about if we didn’t have shitty teams here.

I can’t wait for Thursday to shove my face full of food and watch the Vikings win by one score and then sit on Twitter all night to hear people complain about their score differential.