What style of pizza is truly the best?

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What style pizza truly reigns supreme? This is a question that has plagued humanity for years, decades, millenia even. Unlike chips, Halloween candy, or State Fair food, there’s really only 3 pizzas at the top.

I know everyone has been waiting for this discussion, so here we are finally breaking it down. I have the knowledge and resumé to talk about this, so listen up.

#3 Neapolitan Style

People who aren’t true pizza lovers may not be too familiar with this style. That’s sad because it is damn good. Also known as Naples style, it is what is associated with “Italian” pizza. Even though Roman style and Naples style have a slight difference in dough, it’s pretty similar.

It is definitely the kind where you need to get it at a good pizza place. A margherita pizza in this style is absolutely elite, using the big globs of mozzarella just makes it so fresh. It’s a top tier pizza but doesn’t break the top 2.

#2 Detroit Style

A complete underdog in the pizza scene, but when made right it is elite. The square style pizza made in a pan with the sides to give it thickness but also an amazing crispy crust is so, so good. Not a lot of your chain places will have this.

Little Caesars has one, but they are Detroit based so it makes sense. Once again it’s a style where to truly know how good it is, you need to try it from a real, high quality pizza place. Was almost number 1, but just got edged out.

#1 New York Style

There could be some controversy here, but it is MY list. The only reason I think some may not like this kind at all is because it is known as not always very crispy, maybe even soggy. I don’t share those feelings though.

Something about going into a pizza shop selling this style and them selling pieces by the slice so you can try multiple kinds if you want draws me in. The vibe does play a role to me and it helped New York Style secure #1. I love how it isn’t thin but also not really thick either. There’s just something about this style and consistency that is so, SO good to me.

I will die on this hill. Detroit Style has a case for #1, but at the end of the day, New York Style pizza reigns supreme. Go out and try some pizza and tell me your favorite, I’m interested to know!

To all my pizza lovers, eat on. PS: Chicago Deep Dish is the most overrated of them all…even though I would still smash it.