What team is KG remembered more with?

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Recently on the Dave Portnoy Show, Portnoy claimed Kevin Garnett will always be remembered as a Celtic rather than a Timberwolf. As Minnesota sports fans, we probably don’t agree but it’s a great discussion.

Here is the clip for context, it starts around the 42-minute mark.


KG was drafted here to the Wolves and pretty much gave life to a dead franchise that has sadly been dead until very recently. If there is a reason he is more known as a Wolf, it’s because of what he did for this franchise. He revitalized a team that was pretty extremely sad and made it relevant almost entirely on his own.

The year that he’s the most known for here is obviously 2004. He won the MVP and carried this team to the WCF. They ran into the Lakers or they may have just made the finals. 2004 cemented him as the Superstar he was. This type of season for the Minnesota Timberwolves turned him into an instant all-time legend here in Minnesota. We weren’t used to anything like that. To this day, when you hear the Minnesota Timberwolves, you think about KG. It’s finally getting to the point where we are good again and it’s slowly changing but for SOOO many years he was really the only thing we EVER had going for us.

It’s sad Glen Taylor is a bitch and won’t retire his number. Maybe he would respect our franchise a bit more and even be a part of ownership. Maybe one day. Looking at you, Lore and ARod.


As for Celtics fans, they obviously think KG is more known for his time with the Celtics. It isn’t even a bias thing, there is great evidence to suggest this.

He won a ring in 2008. Isn’t that the goal as a player, to win a ring? Yes. Does it mean he is more associated with the Celtics just because of that? Or maybe because his signature moment after winning has been immortalized in song? I’m not so sure it would be just because of that. It is such a damn toss up and truly I can see either way. It’s totally fair each fan base thinks he’s more associated with their fan base, there is great evidence to back up each claim.

Does the fact the Celtics just retired his jersey number play a role? Absolutely. It plays a HUGE role. In all honesty, it probably is what makes it lean towards the Celtics winning this argument. For fans, it’s a huge factor. Seeing his jersey retired with the Celtics just kind of makes you think of him as a Celtic, serving as a constant reminder that’s who he won a ring with.


It pains me but I believe Dave is right. If it’s the OVERALL crowd who is he more associated with and it isn’t just a battle of the fan bases, it leans a bit towards the Celtics. As a Wolves fan obviously I believe he will be more remembered as a Wolf, but we are talking about just in general. The jersey retirement just recently and the ring are too big to ignore. Kevin Garnett is a Celtic 🙁

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