What The Fuck Are We Going to Gamble On Now?!

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The NFL season ended last weekend. So, what the fuck can we gamble on moving forward?

After concluding a pretty underwhelming Super Bowl, football is now finished. The NFL season was a fun run and hopefully you were able to beat up your bookie a little bit with our picks. This is truly the worst time of the year for a sports gambler like myself because in my opinion, the NFL is the best sport to wager on. You’ll have good weeks and you’ll have bad weeks but in the end, the NFL is the most sustainable sport to gain a profit by the season’s end. So, now that it’s over, what the fuck are we going to do now?


First of all, just forget about the NBA. Unless you’re betting the Over in Brooklyn Nets games, or betting against the Timberwolves ML, you might as well kiss your money goodbye. NBA is too sketchy and just isn’t sustainable to grow a profit over the course of a full season. With Anthony Davis and Kawhi Leonard sitting out every other game, it’s too difficult to get a read on what to bet on. Plus, teams don’t play defense. I can hear you asking “well, why not bet the Over?” Well, because we are dumbasses and Vegas is smarter than us. They get suckers like us to bet the Over in a game between the Kings and Cavs. Otherwise, no one on the planet is watching that fucking game. Then it ends up being 115-113 and misses the Over by 6 points. Unless you’re betting Player Props on the superstars, I would highly recommend staying away from NBA.

College Basketball, however, is the tits. You get kids playing with an unreal amount of passion and heart every single night. Plus, when you hit on an upset, you feel like a fucking king. Also, this year is wild. Duke sucks. North Carolina is just kinda meh. Kentucky is buns. Even Kansas is like 5th in the Big 12. To me, that’s what makes it fun. Come tourney time, you’re going to be rooting for the underdogs (and your shitty bracket, of course). If I am betting anything on the hardwood, it’s college basketball. Some teams I like to make a run at the Championship, outside of the top 5:

Alabama 16:1 , Iowa 18:1 , Illinois 20:1 , Virginia 20:1 , Oklahoma 40:1


The NHL is incredibly underrated in the Sports Betting underworld. Luckily for @10kTakesMN and many of our followers, we love hockey. It’s in the blood of many Minnesotans. If you’ve never thrown $50 on the 1st Period Over of a Chicago Blackhawks game, you’re missing out on a high that cannot be matched. The scoring is higher than it’s ever been in the sport, mostly because you have freaks like Connor McDavid and Auston Matthews skating 100mph and making goalies look like a high school sophomore. The scoring in hockey is the best. My only issue with the NHL is the long season, because the Lightning could lose to the Red Wings on a random Tuesday and BOOM there goes your 3-team Moneyline parlay.

I will tell you this, when you gamble on hockey, NEVER take the Under. I am not normally a hater of betting the Under. It may not be fun to root for the under, but you know what is fun? Cashing bets. That being said, do not, under any circumstances, bet the under in hockey. Players are too explosive and more games go to OT than any other sport, so if you’re holding an Under 6.5 ticket and it goes to OT at 3-3, kiss that shit goodbye. It happens more than you think. P.S. – We miss you, Doc Emrick.


I don’t know. Federer? Nadal? Serena? You’re reading the wrong fucking blog if you think I’m digging deep into how to gamble on tennis.


You want to talk about an addicting sport to gamble on? Betting on the PGA flies under the radar in terms of Sports Gambling. However, it is an easy sport to lose money in and lose money quickly. I promise you that if you ever hit a longshot PGA bet, you will be hooked for life.

Now typically, you would pick 4 or 5 guys and throw money on each to win that week’s tournament, but even then, it’s still incredibly difficult to hit the winner out of an 60+ player field. My recommendation, bet 1v1 matchups. For instance, before the tournament begins, you can gamble on Dustin Johnson over Jon Rahm, Jordan Spieth over Rickie Fowler, or whatever other matchups your book has to offer. This way, you’re really just rooting for 1 guy to beat 1 guy instead of 60 others to win.

When the four majors come around, it’s always fun to sprinkle in a few tourney winner bets and get yourself a nice payday if you hit, but I wouldn’t recommend it at the John Deere Classic or some of these other random ass tournaments. Here are a few of my favorites for the Masters coming up:

(Rahm 10:1 , Cantlay 22:1 , Wolff 31:1 , Spieth 33:1 , English 42:1)


Baseball is on the horizon and it’s inevitable that we blow some money on some stupid weekday 1:30pm Toronto Blue Jays game. The first rule of betting baseball is simple. Have a fucking spine and never bet on the Astros or the Yankees. I don’t care if they’re somehow EVEN money to beat the Tigers, we don’t support cheaters and we honor the first commandment of baseball gambling “thou shall not bet on them.” Next order of business. From what I have learned (through trial & error), your best bet is hopping on the 5 inning spread. The reason I like betting that is because you know you’re going to get the starter for that time, well, you hope. You also get to see the top part of the lineup at least twice, often a third time through. There can still be bad beats just like a walk-off home run or a blown save, but I think your ideas behind that bet you placed work out more often than not.

As for player props, I love betting on Total Base Props. Taking a player to get Over 1.5 total bases is a rush. One double, triple, or home run will win you the wager. Two or more singles will do the job also, but the worst part is that reaching base by Walk or Hit-by-Pitch do not count towards it. Guys like Mike Yastrzemski (SF), Luis Arraez (MIN), Dansby Swanson (ATL) are my favorite to bet on this. You can always get great odds anywhere between +125 and +150 and they’re always pushing to get those extra bases. Lock him into those props and watch the money flow in. I also love the strikeout props for pitcher, because they need love too. With strikeout props, don’t just take Clayton Kershaw or Max Scherzer. Take the pitchers who are playing against the high-strikeout-rate team. The Rays, Tigers, and Brewers stuck out more than any teams in the league last season, so betting against those teams should be pretty sustainable in growing a profit.

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