What The Hell Is Going On At The Target Center??


The Wolves have been in the news a lot this year. Most of it has been great news but this random news is definitely odd to say the least. It wouldn’t be Minnesota sports though without something insane happening. So when a Timberwolves employee gets fired and arrested for trying to rob the Target Center? I mean, yeah, sure, what the hell.

This was seriously the most random Wolves news to stumble upon on a Wednesday evening. It has been all Ant talk, Arod and Lore and then I see THIS.

All this amazing news and then this happens. It isn’t a big deal or anything but it is still hilarious. It’s just so damn quintessentially Wolves. Seriously, the new owners need to invest in better security over at the Target Center.

This man was probably going to craft up the most devious parlay ever, I can’t even blame him. Maybe he was going to try to sell it to someone? I really can’t think of why else he would risk his job like this. Unless he is a huge fan of a different Western Conference team and wanted to sabotage us, it just doesn’t make much sense.

This is truly a pointless topic but it was extremely funny and random. It’s moments like this I wish Timberwolves Brasil was still around to make some goofy video for. I felt the need to type something up. Like what is bro even doing? Whatever he was doing could not have been worth it. He will now have a lot of time to think of his idiocy.

Maybe you guys will have more luck than this guy with your Underdog lineups, use code 10K for that double of your deposit. Don’t be like this dude and play responsibly.

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