What The Vikings Can Learn From Championship Weekend

NFL Vikings

The 2022 NFL Playoffs have been historic, and we have just one game left to cherish the glory. All before we’re forced into watching the NBA and other sports that are boring. We all know the Vikings could have never made it this far, but there’s always something to learn when you fail. Here are some things Vikings fans can learn from this crazy weekend of football.

Find A Baby-Faced Head Coach

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The Vikings are in the hunt for their next head guy after giving Zim the boot. Sources say the race is getting close, but we still have no idea who our fucking coach will be. The template for success in a head coach was laid out this weekend: young, great offensive mind, and kinda handsome? To be a great NFL head coach, you must possess these three traits…and if you can’t get it all, to quote the late poet Meatloaf once said, two out of three ain’t bad. Otherwise you will never connect with the young players. You think Justin Jefferson would listen to another old man telling him not to dance in the end zone? You got jokes. Most of the candidates the Vikings have their eye on fit these traits well, so it’s only a matter of time before we find our Khaki Picasso.

Draft A Good QB, Or Mortgage Your Draft For One

championship weekend

The 2 games on Sunday also displayed a well-known fact: Elite quarterbacks are above all. Joe Burrow has come into his own elite status this January. Patrick Mahomes is elite we all know that, except he looked a little like Brett Favre this weekend. Now, both these guys are young as shit. I could have went to high school with them both, which is really odd to acknowledge. Matthew Stafford is not young as shit, man’s has an established family. But we all knew when the Rams made this trade, it was gonna take them to the next level. Unless if you’re picking Top 5 or you can find a diamond in the rough, screw the draft picks and get your guy. Unless, if you’re San Francisco. They’re gonna have some problems now. Sorry, NDSU fans.

Defense Still Matters!

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The Vikings Offense this season, minus the constant dysfunction, was pretty good. The Defense however, was like watching 2 teens replace a flat tire. So many issues that go back to one thing: we didn’t do one thing well consistently on defense. You can’t say this about the Bengals and Rams. LA has an insane defense that helped them close out the 49ers easily, even if it was foretold. The Bengals, not so elite. But they do everything good enough that it doesn’t matter at this point. They were plastering Hill and Kelce late and making Mahomes run like a chicken with its head cut off. The Vikings at this moment still have good pieces in place to be a good defense once again.

The offseason will suck and be weird, but at least the franchise turned the page. Follow these 3 steps and make adjustments, and the Vikings could be back in the business of winning in January. In Kwesi we trust.