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What to make of the “New” Wolves

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All-Star Break has come and gone. The Wolves have been fun so far this year, but what exactly do we make of these New Wolves thus far?

I haven’t talked about the Wolves recently and I apologize to any serious Wolves fans reading this. If there is a year to talk about us, it’s this year. 

The Wolves went into the break at 31-28. Sadly it’s nothing crazy, but for this poverty franchise, it’s quite outstanding. Especially considering our over-under for wins was set 34.5 for the year. This has been the most relevant year since Butler and It is nice just watching meaningful ball again. 

We had a stinker to go into the break but we were a bit banged up and just couldn’t hit shots, so I’ll let it slide. What has propelled us In these past weeks and months though?


The offense has really stepped up as of late. Since January 3rd the Wolves rank as the number 2 offense and are ranking as the 10th best offense on the year to this point. This is what a lot of Wolves fans felt like we were capable of at the start of the year, having our own “Big Three” has been a blast to watch.

Here is KAT has to say about the team this far.


Believe it or not, the Defense as a whole hasn’t been that bad this year. We are sitting at the 13th ranked Defense at the break, pretty solid, but if you have watched the past month or so you would think we were in the 20’s.

When the offense wasn’t going early in the year, one of the things propelling us was the Defense. It’s crazy how much things flipped. It does make some sense for the D to fall off a bit as the season drags on, our guys are more beat up and you gotta sacrifice a little on one side of the ball. With our offense improving it would only make sense our D would regress a bit, we are the Timberwolves after all. Hopefully, this break lets our guys rest up and helps us come out with a lot of energy after the break.


It has been a weird up and down year. We have had some nice win streaks and some bad losing streaks, but overall it is been a positive year. The last 23 games are going to be super fun as we sit in the 7th spot right now, 2.5 games behind Denver for the 6th spot. It would be nice to get up to 6 to avoid the play-in, but I won’t get my hopes up.

Mannnnnnnn, it is just nice to watch meaningful basketball again, I know you all agree. These last games are going to be fun. LETS GO WOLVES FANS, see y’all in the second half.

Here is a quick Ant All-Star vid to put a smile on your face.