What Was The Vikings’ Best Moment Of The Season ?

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Well, the time is now. The NFL playoffs are close to the endgame. It’s always sad to see football season coming to an end. The Vikings’ season came to an abrupt halt during Super Wild Card weekend at the hands of the Giants. Now that we’ve had some time to calm down and let everything digest, it’s time to review the past 4 months of Vikings football. And boy, did we have some crazy ass games of football week after week. Let’s take a gander into some of the best moments of the 2022 Minnesota Vikings season.

Not Just Any Game, Game Of The Year!

pls come back P2!

You know I had to start here. A great game on paper turned into the most batshit crazy game ever. The sequence of JJ’s mind-numbing catch, into getting stuffed at the goal line and then The Fumble. Hollywood wishes they could be on that level of unpredictability. At this point, it looked like the Vikings were the team of destiny. Everything up to that point said so. But it was all for not. In a season full of close games we’ll soon forget, this is one we’ll always remember.

The Greatest Comeback Ever

and he’s LOOSE

Talk about dramatic. 11-1 in close games and this was the one that not just Vikings fans, but NFL fans in general will always remember. Granted, you had Jeff Saturday on the other sideline. I think during that whole rally, he had no idea what to do. The Colts are a mess and we almost let them off the hook. Instead, U.S Bank played host to the greatest comeback ever. And the 10K brain trust was on hand to see the miracle. Sorry, Bossman.

A Giant Moment


The whiteout game on Christmas Eve was memorable for a number of reasons. 1st game wearing white at home in team history? Check. Record performances from TJ and JJ? Check. The longest field goal in franchise history to win the game? Check and check. This game will always stick out when you think back to the ’22 Vikes season. It was just another 1-score game to add in the mix, but this one had a little bit more magic behind it.

Kirko Chainz

i need one of those chains.

How could we forget the chains? The chain movement started after the W in London, and then it evolved into this whole big thing. All the way leading up to Kirk balling out SHIRTLESS on the team plane donning everyone’s chain. For as much of the dad swag as Kirk Cousins has, this was the most fun off- field moment in the NFL. It was the unthinkable happening, and it kept getting better. Kirk started a movement that bled into other team’s postgame shenanigans on the plane. In a year of unbelievable moments, this one might take the cake.

2 weeks removed from the season, and I miss it all so much. This year was by far the most fun Vikings season I’ve witnessed as a fan. Super Bowl or not, it’s about enjoying the ride. And boy did the Vikings take us on the Wild Thing every fucking Sunday. The hunt for a new defensive coordinator is on and there’s a lot of personnel decisions to make. 1st year under KOC was a memorable one, let’s hope it stays like this every season.