What We Learned About Kirk Cousins from Watching Quarterback


Well, after a week to let it digest, most football fans seemed to enjoy the debut of Quarterback, a new Netflix original series. Much like Hard Knocks, but more 1-on-1 focused, this 8-episode series focused on three starting quarterbacks in the NFL during the 2022 season. The megastar Patrick Mahomes, Heisman-winner-turned-journeyman Marcus Mariota, and our very own Kirk Cousins.

Sports fandom can be a weird thing to think about. Many takes are often polarizing and clickbait nowadays with the social media age we live in. In Minnesota, the polarizing topic has been the same for half a decade: are you a Kirk Cousins fan or not? It’s a topic that has started countless arguments online and IRL. With Quarterback, most people would get a better look inside the mind of Captain Kirk. After the things we saw during this series, I think most people have changed their stance about how they view The Noon Nightmare.

Tough As Nails

Throughout his whole career, the most reliable thing about Kirk Cousins has been his durability. In his 10+ years of playing, he has never once has he missed a game due to injury. The 2022 season put his body through the fucking ringer, and Quarterback showed just that. Dealing with a ribs injury for the last half of the season isn’t ideal. I thought it was also incredible to see the amount of work he puts in on his body. He’s got his own team of special chiropractors getting him right every week. It was also crazy to note that he hadn’t been in the trainers’ room until this season. Say what you want about Kirk, he’s not a softie.

Not a Good Person, A Great Person

The other thing Quarterback displayed was just how great of a person Kirk Cousins is. We all knew it, and this series would never have made him into a bad person, but this was another level. The fact that he strictly takes Tuesdays as a family day during the season is amazing. Who else does that? The several heartwarming interactions he had during this show were all gold. But the one that got me was after the Colts game.

Being a great dad while also being an NFL quarterback is a grueling task. But Kirk showed over these 8 episodes that he can do just that. After watching this series, even the biggest Kirk hater had to gain some respect for our QB.

All The Rest…

One of my favorite parts of watching NFL media is catching the Mic’d Up videos on Wednesdays during the season. Not often have we heard Patrick Mahomes and his froggy voice in them, but Quarterback gave us plenty to consume.

The dude is a straight baller and isn’t afraid to let everyone know it. I don’t hate it, if you’re that good you deserve to talk a little smack. Another thing, I do not understand the hate for Brittany Mahomes. She is just living her life, do people not understand that? What a life!

The Marcus Mariota storyline was intriguing, especially showing his abrupt exit after being benched. Tough look for a nice guy like Marcus. Even tougher that he’s the backup QB in Philly now. Gross.

After watching Quarterback, I came out of it loving Kirk Cousins even more. And so did most Viking and football fans. He has shown on and off the field that he has what it takes to be the man. Now we just need a fucking defense to help get him to the promised land. This series was the perfect watch for the middle of the summer to help get the football juices flowing. September can’t come soon enough.