What We Learned from the Vikings 1st Preseason Game!


Well guys, after over 200 days of nothing, Vikings football is back. The squad took the field for an exhibition game against Seattle. Most people complaining about the game starting late: uh yeah? It’s in Seattle! If you ruin your bedtime for preseason football, you either need help or you’re an insane football junkie. But nevertheless, football is finally (kinda) back.

Jordan Addison is HIM

As a 1st round pick in the NFL, the expectations set for you are incredibly high. To say Jordan got off on the wrong foot with his speeding incident is, well, correct. But we hadn’t even seen him on the field yet. Thursday, however, we did and I liked what I saw. The routes were there, the blocking was too. The toe tap catch that was deemed incomplete was amazing. But we all know if this was a regular season game, the challenge flag would’ve come out and Jordan Addison makes a crazy catch. Very encouraging stuff from our new rookie.

Ty Chandler fans, stand up!

Preseason is about seeing guys beat up on 3rd stringers and thinking they’re the shit. Well, that is Vikings fans with Ty Chandler. The shifty 2nd year back had some sweet moves last preseason and he carried his good momentum into 2023. Chandler hunting for that RB2 job put on a show, popping off for 70 yards on 15 carries. When the blocking wasn’t there, he found a way. He did a hell of a job in pass protection too.

All The Rest

The defense looked good, until they didn’t. The buzzing around and hard hitting aspect for this Brian Flores defense will be fun to watch this season. Lewis Cine had a couple of nice plays early but at times it looked like my man was crashing downhill with no purpose. Ivan Pace Jr. showed everyone why he belongs with the 1s, blowing up guards and stopping RBs cold in their tracks. The defense was rusty on the road but here’s to hoping it looks better with the actual starters.

NFL football is in full swing again and the world is better with it. We’ve still got a whole month left to go, so let’s enjoy summer while we can. After all, we have the peace of mind to know that football is finally (kinda) back. I know someone in particular is already locked in and ready for Week 1…