What’s Worse: Yung Gravy or The New Wolves Jerseys?


Apparently, over the weekend, Yung Gravy unveiled the Timberwolves’ new City Edition jerseys on Lake Minnetonka along with Mike Conley and Naz Reid (NAZ REID). Luckily for us, the launch party blessed us with one of the best videos to come out of Minnesota this summer.

There’s so much to unpack here so this might take a while. Let’s start with the jerseys.

They Stink

In my honest, rational, and unbiased opinion, these things are GROTESQUE. I get what the Wolves were trying to do with the whole lake thing and representing Minnesota, but this is just not it. It’s far too complex for what a jersey should be and simply does not work. What is the back of that thing?? You can barely even see the names. It’s a bad miss for a team that quite possibly has the best collection of jerseys of any Minnesota sports team. Just keep running back the black and blue KG-era jerseys and nobody will bat an eye. You got it perfect on the first try, no need to get crazy. Just keep it simple and run the ball up the middle.

The jerseys did succeed in distracting me from Yung Gravy’s singing initially, however, so that was a big plus for them. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Gravy by any means. I’m fully aboard the gravy train. BUT we have to admit that this clip does him no favors. The whole performance seems so cringe and unnatural. You have to think that it was better in person, right? Right?

It actually might be the worst clip of a live performance I’ve seen since 21 Savage at the Hawks halftime show. Tough scenes for our Minnesota guy.

On a positive note, we will now always have this photo

What the fuck is Crunch doing on a Sea-Doo? I have no idea, but I absolutely love it. Need to see him do a couple of flips on that bad boy and earn his mascot paycheck.

We also get visual proof that Naz Reid is enjoying Minnesota summers just fine after his new contract extension.

It couldn’t have been an all-time Timberwolves video without our GOAT. Rizz God. NAZ REID.

Need more Naz and less Yung Gravy in every Wolves video going forward, please. Feel free to exclude the new jerseys in those videos as well.