When’s The Best “Beer”

Booze Everything Else Power Rankings

Beer. There for you in the best of times while also being there for you in the worst of times. But when does it taste its absolute best? So many places and events where a good cold beer can be drank.. but which is the best? Minimizing this down to 10 or less seems near impossible because of how many I can think of off the top of my head. I’m interested on what other people would say for this one feel free to comment after reading with what your #1 would be.

#10 Airport Beers

Starting off the rankings is one that I feel like most people will have way higher. Is there an unwritten rule that you have to post a snap story of your beer there? Honestly this shouldn’t have even made my list but I did it out of sympathy for everyone else. I’ll still get a drink there but I’d much rather do the cheech and chong strategy and start drinking once I arrive at my destination.

#9 Bonfire Beers

Bonfire beers is a sneaky but well deserving spot on the beer list. There are very few things that beat sitting in the woods up north, around a fire, sipping on a cold one. I love playing drink my beer before the fire gets it too warm. By midnight, I’m usually sipping on piss warm beer. Bonfire beers are big time underrated. Maybe it deserved to be higher.

Friends Were Sitting Around the Fire while Drinking Beer and Playing Guitar  Stock Image - Image of burn, camping: 157768611

#8 Bar Beers

Didn’t even think of this one till right now but had to add it to the list. Why else would we go up there to just drink beer if they didn’t taste good? Bar beer always makes me feel drunk quicker which is probably because of the atmosphere. Me just remembering this is tough as I’ll have to kick off one of my others.

Willy McCoys Bloomington- Beer on Tap

#7 Softball Beers

Hot summer night, under the lights, with all your friends… priceless. If I wrote this blog in the middle of January it would probably be higher cause of how much I’ll be missing it. This list would be incomplete without softball beers. Beer league softball is something everyone should experience in there life even if your just going to be a fan.

#6 Tailgating Beers

Whether you’re tailgating your beer league softball game or the Minnesota Vikings game early as can be, you can never go wrong with a beer while tailgating. Sometimes that first one doesn’t go down too well but once it’s down, the rest start to flow like water. Also what a feeling it is when your piss drunk walking into the event and you realize its not even 11am yet.

#5 Funeral Beers

Before you call me crazy hear me out first. Obviously going to a funeral is never fun, but celebrating there life after is what the person deserves. Maybe it’s the sadness that makes the beer taste so good, or maybe it’s just the fact you wanna get drunk to forget. Once everyone has a couple down, the stories start to get told and you realize why funeral beers are one of the best beers to be drank.

#4 Boat Beers

Does anything really beat joyriding around a lake at sunset while sipping on a beer? Obviously because this is #4 but its pretty damn close. Minnesota only has a couple good boating months, and people sure seem to take advantage of it. Beer goes down like water when you’re in the middle of a lake in 90 degree weather which is why this is deserving of a top 5 spot. Even when the boat is parked on shore just sitting on the boat while drinking a beer makes it that much more enjoyable.

Boat Beers
A boat you will rarely find in MN

#3 Golf Beers

I suck at golf, I would rather just sit in the cart and drink beer and thats exactly what I do. Why do they taste so good on the course? Is it the atmosphere? Or maybe it numbs the pain and anger golfers have when they realize they will never make the PGA Tour. Nothing beats that turn onto the back 9 wondering whose going to be sober enough to drive home. Golf beers never seem to miss the spot which is why it landed at #3.

#2 Wedding Beers

First off, this is only relevant if the wedding has an open bar, which it better be. Every wedding I’ve drank at I’ve woke up the next morning feeling like I got hit by a train. First of all its free beer. Who doesn’t love free beer? Everyone starts so casual just sipping but by the time the DJ starts, everyone is ready to Rock ‘n’ Roll. I love the beginning of the wedding when you have to slam down the first couple just so you can get through talking to the people you don’t want to. Plus did I mention its free beer? I’m always looking forward to weddings which is why its my #2 “Best Beer”.

Couple uses 'beer boy' instead of flower girl at their wedding
Beer Guy Instead Of Flower Girl? GENIUS.

#1 Vacation Beers

#1 and not even close. What beats that first day of vacation when you crack open that first beer? You could be sitting on a beach or in the woods for the week. That first sip of beer has you questioning if they are making it different out here. All you need is a case of beer and your vacation is going to be kick ass. It’s been too long since I’ve got to experience that first sip on a vacation. This might be a sign that it’s time for me to pack the bags and go remember what that first sip truly tastes like. If you have experienced that first sip of a beer on vacation I’m sure you will agree with me it’s deserving of a top spot.

What on my list was too high or too low? Did I forget a “Best Beer” that deserves to be in the top 10? Or was this list picture perfect? Would love to see what people agree/disagree with me on…. CHEERS.