Where in the world is Carlos Correa?

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The Minnesota Twins “Star” has been nowhere to be seen these past weeks. In light of us now being second place, it is time to ask, “Where in the world is Carlos Correa?”

Our Minnesota Twins are now in second place. Part of the reason is the piss poor play of star Carlos Correa. As I watched the Dodger games I wondered to myself, “Is Carlos Correa even playing?” He was playing but was relatively worthless.

I love the guy and am absolutely rooting for him but like c’mon man. We are paying you 35 mil and you are not playing up to that right now. With all of our injuries, we need someone to step up and he just isn’t doing it.

Now this right here is why I’m really annoyed. This man has not played up to expectations this year. He is basically on a prove-it deal and he hasn’t proven it. Yet he now wants to test free agency acting like he will get a huge contract? Why do you deserve that? You could come back and get 35 mil and try proving yourself again. To think you will just walk in free agency and get that massive deal you want is absurd. I mean more power to the guy but really? This is coming out after he has been complete ass too, smh.

I really, really hope he proves me wrong and steps up big time to lead us to the playoffs, but it isn’t looking great for him or this squad right now. Hopefully, in a few weeks things are looking better and this blog is completely irrelevant. Till next time Twins fans.