WHO Are the Minnesota Timberwolves?


The Wolves have started this season 2-2 but it has been a VERY Wolves like start. Now what exactly does that mean?

Fans of this team are aware of how we can get a completely different team every single night. We truly have no clue what team will show up. This makes it very annoying for us fans but also for the team as a whole. We can’t ever really get on a role because it’s inevitable that during a good streak, we completely lose the ability to play basketball for at least a game.

Only 4 games in and we already had one of those games against the Hawks. This one was truly impressive because it was two completely different teams within the same game. We were up about 20 at half and ended up almost losing by 20. Now that right there is impressive.. how can that even happen? I get we shot amazingly well in the first and the Hawks shot pretty well in the second, but like, how is that possible? The ball movement stops and it just turns into a disaster. If this team wants to be serious, they need to figure stuff like that out. I have faith they can do so but so far it isn’t a whole lot different from last year.

That meme perfectly describes how we feel after about every other game. We can be so excited and feel so confident and BOOM, it does a 180 in a blink of an eye.

The other nights game was also another perfect example of all of this. We were playing the Nuggets who were 4-0 and we smacked them on our home court, like make it make sense. This team is a GOOD team and can be great, but it is all on them to do so. They have the talent they just need to figure some stuff out to be more consistent. Here is a quote from Finch that perfectly describes this team.

All of last year this was the case too. Win a huge game and come out looking like a high school team the next. They even did it in the SAME game this year, so nothing has changed. It is only 4 games in but they need to figure that out if they want to be a top team in this deep West, especially since they should be 3-1 at worst. I truly believe they can do it, we have the talent to do so for sure.

They WILL come out and take care of the Jazz tonight, I don’t even care if it is close, just win the game. Our luck will revert to exactly what has happened for the past year and we will lose, then I won’t even really know what to say. That won’t happen though! I am calling it now, Wednesday’s win against the Nuggets, leading into a win against the Jazz will change things. Let’s pray I am right and we aren’t sickened once again this weekend.

I know every game is stressful Wolves fans, but let’s enjoy the ride regardless. I will talk to you all soon, WOLVES BACK!!