Who is to blame for the Yeezy Boost 400?

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Yesterday, someone named Reginald released the Yeezy Boost 400 on Twitter.

Yeezy Boost 400 Drops

I’m not quite sure who this Reginald fella is or who paid him to post this online, but he’s set the internet on fire. Whether it was Adidas or Kanye himself, I doubt the release has gone as they may have expected.

Boom, Roasted

Boom, Roasted

Boom, Roasted

These are so bad that the entire internet has come together and actually agreed on something. Not to understate it, but that very well may be the most difficult accomplishment of the 21st century! What makes this even more impressive is that it’s the second time in 6 months that it’s happened with the Adidas/Yeezy Brand. Their release of the Yeezy RNNR was equally as awful.

I miss the old Ye

This partnership between Kanye and Adidas has yielded some of the most iconic shoes ever. Yeezys and the Yeezy brand have been their own pillar within pop culture for the last few years. Props to whoever dreamed it up and took a chance to make it happen. Still, you can’t release something that looks like a Reebok Zigtech having an allergic reaction. When Croc Nation is making fun of you online, it’s time to pack it up. You can’t have someone who’s putting their rubber slippers into “sport mode” hitting you with the “What are those!” while you’re out in public.

What are THOSE

With all of that being said, I am a proud member of team Crocs and I’m ready to die on this hill. It’s a function over fashion thing for me, and if you can’t understand that you’re denser than a bad fruit cake. I hope you’re ready for the fashion crowd though because Crocs are coming back in a BIG way. They’ve released collabs with Justin Bieber, Post Malone, and Bad Bunny that have all sold out as soon as they dropped.

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