Who plays the best Spider-Man?

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The new Spider-Man movie just recently came out, so I think it is a appropriate time to discuss who plays the best Spider-Man? But who also plays the best Peter Parker? They are combined and will have to determine who plays both together the best

It has been a few weeks so if I talk about spoilers, tough luck. You have had enough time to watch it. Also you’re clicking on this link. There’s gonna be spoilers. Consider this a spoiler warning. That’s on you moving forward.

The discussion here isn’t necessarily about the new movie, it’s about which one of the actors plays the best Spider-Man? Obviously you all know the choices: Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield, and Tobey Maguire. In my opinion, they all do certain things well and are good In their own way, BUT if we had to choose, here are my rankings.

#3 Andrew Garfield

Most people probably tend to agree with this. I really don’t wanna turn this into a massive blog and me rambling, so I will TRY to keep it short. Garfield played a very good Spider-Man, but didn’t play a great Peter Parker. Does that make sense? I think it does but who knows.

His movies were quite good to me and better than the Tobey’s 2nd and 3rd movie, that’s just my opinion. (editor’s note: this is JUST his lunatic opinion, not the official opinion of 10,000 Takes) We aren’t debating the movies though. He does a good job overall, but it is very hard to put him above the OG Toby or even the new school Tom. This is coming from someone who enjoyed the hell out of his movies and him as Spider-Man too.

#2 Tom Holland

The new kid on the block. I’m in my mid 20’s but for some reason I never was into Marvel growing up, so I never watched any of the Spider-Mans before Tom Holland originally, please don’t make fun of me. Of course I have watched them all now but Tom Holland does a great job. He is a good Spider-Man and GREAT as Peter Parker.

His movies are my favorite mainly because they are all tied into the MCU, so there is a lot more going on and just overall more entertaining to me. He just really captures the random kid who turns into a super hero more than the other two guys, he does such a good job and to this day. In the age of the MCU, he is Spider-Man.

#1 Tobey Maguire

Even though I knew Tom Holland was my first Spider-Man I ever watched and was interested in. Watching all of them, it is clear that Tobey Maguire is the OG, original Spider-Man. Most would agree, when they hear Spider-Man, they think Tobey. Tobey plays the best Spider-Man but I think Tom plays a better Peter. Probably because Tom doesn’t look like he’s in his late 30s.

Overall Tobey is just the best though. You see him and just think Spider-Man. Truly, his movies were lackluster to me, but that has nothing to do with who plays the best Spider-Man. He just embodies that role perfect and is what it should be. He is number 1.

The new movie, Spider-Man: No Way Home really touched all of the people who grew up with the original Spider-Man movies. Even not seeing those movies till relatively recently, it was so cool seeing all the OG villains and of course seeing Tobey and Andrew again. That was so cool and it seemed like everyone absolutely loved it. There were rumors they may return in the next Avengers. I have my doubts, but that would be legendary, so we’ll see.

They all play their role very well and do different things well, but they had to be ranked, so here we are. All you Marvel fans, we will continue to be hyped for every new show and movie. See you in May for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.