Who’s Worse? Cam Talbot or the National Media?


Thank god Anson Carter’s an idiot and the Wild actually have a lot of depth, otherwise, they may be losing even more games right now. The Minnesota Wild seem to have one good goalie and one not-so-good goalie at the moment. Judging by the 100 percent accurate and not fabricated photo above, Cam Talbot seems to be the not-so-good goalie right now, meaning Kaapo Kahkonen must be the good goalie on the team.

The stats tend to back this assertion up. Even though he somehow managed to be an All-Star this year, Cam Talbot has seriously struggled of late. Talbot has let in 13 goals in his past three games and 30 in his past 9. That’s a goals-against-average of 4.33 and 3.33 respectively. Frankly, that’s not great. In those past 9 games Talbot has played, the wild have scored 35 goals, an average of 3.88 goals per game, which is very good; however, the wild are only 4-5-0 in those games.

There’s been a lot of pucks in Cam Talbot’s net recently.

The Wild need better goaltending if they’re going to truly be one of the best teams in the Western Conference this year. The fellas at ESPN seem to understand this. During one of the intermissions in last Friday’s Wild vs. Florida Panthers game on ESPN plus, ESPN analyst Dominic Moore talked about how he thought the Wild may look to add goaltending at the trade deadline. I thought he was making a good point, something I tend to agree with…

But then he went ahead and showed the world that’s just as big an idiot as Anson Carter. He said the reason the reason the Wild need goaltending is that Kaapo Khakonen can’t be trusted and that the wild need someone to back up the great all-star that is Cam Talbot.

What a joke. I mean have you looked at Cam Talbot’s net recently? There are so many pucks in it. Are these guys seriously that lazy that they can’t watch a single Wild game all year? That take by Moore is certainly worse than all 10,000 takes this website has ever dared to put out there.

You know to be completely honest with you all, I had to go back and check who said it. The take was so bad that I figured it must have been ESPN analyst Rick DiPietro who said it. I figured due to the tremendous success he’s had with being bought out, he may have been scheming for another buyout by slinging horrendous takes on purpose. DiPietro was bought out by the New York Islanders in 2013, and is still getting paid by them and will continue to be until the end of the 2028-29 season. That’s awesome. He’s being paid to do nothing. That’s literally my dream job, so I couldn’t fault him for trying to pull off the same heist at ESPN.

It wasn’t DiPietro though; it was Moore, so I don’t know what his excuse would be. He’s probably just another lazy national analyst that doesn’t want anything to do with flyover country. It’s pathetic and a real bummer for hockey, especially since Moore played for the Wild from 2006-2008. The national broadcasts always suck, but ESPN seems to be excruciatingly bad, so it seems as if the NHL has fucked up again.

Back to what matters, the Minnesota Wild. They’re a great team, and I think they will get their shit together. I like Talbot. He seems like a good guy, so I really hope he figures it out. But man, there just can’t be that many pucks in your net Cam, otherwise Billy G will be forced to look for goaltending at the deadline and it won’t be to replace Kaapo Khakonen.