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Why Are The Timberwolves Cursed?

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Nothing is more exciting in sports than an entertaining game with high stakes. Everything is better when there’s something on the line. Game 7, you said? I would have to say I’m slightly aroused. This year’s edition of both the NHL and NBA playoffs has been highly entertaining. But what’s fresh about this season is that the young stars are really showing out. Luka Dončić got bounced in the first round, but after his performance, the experts are saying he could be the next face of the league. Trae Young is literally on fire right now, and if he keeps this up we could be talking about him like we do with Steph Curry. The shimmy he hit after mixing the hell out of Jrue Holiday had me screaming.

so nasty.

As much fun as we’re all having to watch these guys lead their squads in the postseason, as a Timberwolves fan you have to feel frustrated. 1 playoff appearance in 16 years is the definition of a fucking poverty franchise. It’s pretty hard to be this bad for this long and have soo many misfires when it comes to drafts, free agency, etc. It’s a common trend among all Minnesota teams, we can’t have anything nice. But the Wolves fit that to a tee. Literally.

so much pain.

A Broken Franchise

The draft luck is what sucks the most. Thank god we were able to land Anthony Edwards, otherwise, the outlook of this team would be very gloomy. Think about it: Trae Young, Deandre Ayton, Luka. All these guys that are dominating were drafted 3 years ago and they’re already making a massive impact. Crazy what talent can do when a front office helps them out with putting capable players around them. And hey, I love KAT just as much as everyone else does. But damn, even with a top star we have still been ass. Can’t forget about the season with Jimmy Butler though.

The state of Minnesota deserves to have a quality basketball team. Everything is much more fun around town when our teams are better, although most people have forgotten that feeling when it comes to the Timberwolves. I remember it all too well. 2004 was a magical ride, 8-year-old me was so invested. My mom and I kept a handwritten schedule on the side of the fridge and tracked results from each game. I had every version of the KG jersey imaginable. Even though I write on the Vikings, I can proclaim that the Wolves were my first love. Now, I just wanna feel something again.