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With the end of the Wild season here, it’s time to reflect on the biggest storyline of the season… The fact that we have the next big thing in the NHL, Brock Faber. I mean, this guy was basically the only positive from yet another lost Wild season. The good news, it looks like Brock will be continuing to man the blueline for many years ahead in a Wild sweater. I’m going to (trigger alert for Bedard fans) explain to you, why Faber should take home the Calder Trophy this year, but before I do check out this great read. It’s not just me!!!!!

Calder Memorial Trophy

Alright, so that wraps up my first case for why Brock should win the Calder…

But wait, there’s more!!!!!!!!!

Now for some supplemental material. Faber currently has 45 points this year in 80 games. Pretty remarkable for a young defenseman. For comparison Moritz Seider, Detroit Red Wings, won the Calder in 2021-22 with 42 points in 82 games, and back in 2020 Cale Makar, Colorado Avalanche had 50 points in 2019-20 in 57 games played. These are just a couple of recent defenseman to win the Calder. Pretty amazing that Faber still has a game left (at the time of this blog), so make sure to hit your over prop on the 45 points for Fabs.

My second point, everyone thinks Connor Bedard should win the Calder. Those folks are flat out wrong. I believe that these people thought Connor would do exactly what he’s done this year. Yes, the Blackhawks stink (just go look at their roster), but Bedard’s skill level hasn’t translated to team success. They’ve been bottom feeders all year. Faber, at least, had his team close to a resurgence and a very late playoff push. Again, Brock is doing what a Calder winner should also be doing; helping his team achieve.

Third, pretty cool article that came out from Joe Smith of The Athletic.

Smith does a really thorough review of Faber’s case over Connor. I won’t cover everything, but a few stats that stood out:

  • 52.5% expected goals share
  • 4.8 net rating

I don’t know about you, but I had no clue what either of these mean that these were even metrics that were measured. What stood out to me is that the expected goals share would be tied for the second highest (with Cale). For the net rating, he leads all rookies… Pretty impressive from the kid.

Not just the nerd stats, either

Another stat that is pretty important for a defenseman is average time on ice. This year, Faber leads all rookies by almost 4 minutes of ATOI. To be exact, 3 minutes and 31 seconds over Luke Hughes, New Jersey Devils.

Furthermore, in conclusion, I’m Brock hard

In a bummer of a season, Faber was one of the few bright spots this season. The future looks bright and I’m sure there will be more hardware this young fella will collect over his career (maybe, Lord Stanley).

Full disclosure, this article was written in hopes of convincing voters to #Vote4Brock AND for the writer to cash his futures bet at +1400. But also it’s no fun if the Calder goes to the guy who has been the favorite all season. Nobody likes chalk. Now sign up for the newsletter and go heckle every awards voter you know on social media until they rock out with their Brock out and vote Faber for Calder.

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