Why The Fuck Is 50 Cent At The Eagan Hy-Vee?!

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Yeah you read that title right… 50 Cent will be at Eagan Hy-Vee on Friday. 50 will be supporting his own liquor brand and signing bottles of Cognac and Champagne. There have been a stupid amount of ridiculous headlines these past two years but honestly this one might take the cake.

I guess Eagan Hy-Vee is the place to be. Whether it’s a firework stand blowing up during the middle of the day and now fucking 50 Cent. Just imagine the look on people’s faces when they walk out of a grocery store with Bananas, Cereal, Chicken, and a bottle of Cognac signed by 50 Cent.

I mean really did someone put a gun to 50 Cent’s head and force him to do this? Why would he ever want to spend time in a grocery store signing bottles of alcohol in some random Minnesota city?

Sooooo many questions that honestly will never be answered. If you are looking to meet 50 Cent head on down to Hy-Vee Friday night at 6-7:30 pm.