Wild Conquer the Flyers

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Less than a month until the next MCU blockbuster takes over the world as Kang the Conqueror is set to make his MCU debut. Crazy exciting, right? Now, please know that I’m not one of those loser fans that always roots for the villain. That’d be dumb. Instead, I’m the type of fan that connects with the heroes, cries at the death scenes and waits until the last end-credit scene to see what’s to come. With that, tonight’s end credit scene was the Minnesota Wild CONQUERING the Philadelphia Flyers in St. Paul in OT 3-2.

It was a night to remember as the hometown team was in a, not to be dramatic, must-win situation. While reading this you may be thinking to yourself, “Why is Austan comparing the Wild to Kang the Conqueror? He’s the bad guy!”. Well, if you were a TRUE Marvel fan, you would know that while Kang conquered all these different lands, he had variants that sometimes played the good guys! They would help the different Avengers conquer the bad Kang! So, the Minnesota Wild + good Kang variant = conquer bad Kang variant aka destroy the Flyers. Ugh JUST FRICKEN TRUST ME.

ANYWAY, tonight’s game was an absolute blast with back-and-forth action, countless fights, and an OT thriller that sent Zuccy dangling his way to victory! To start the battle, we finally got to see Reaves throw fists with former Wild forward Nic Deslauriers. Shortly after Shaw and Foligno had their fun right after and other and just a period later Duhaime wanted some of the action. Incredible!

There was a lot of uncertainty coming into tonight’s game with the news that Hartzy would be out due to his recent lackluster performance and his obsession with the penalty box. I thought this was the right move to make. If a guy isn’t producing and is costing us goals, why would you want that player in the lineup? Just look at what happened to Dumba last week.

Friends, while tonight was amazing, we have to keep pushing for these points. It’s been a stressful couple of weeks but I’m optimistic.