Wild Fans Don’t Forget About Kevin Fiala

NHL Wild

That Wild win last night was absolutely unreal. Kaprizov (pronounce it correctly in your brain) looked outstanding, his OT winner capped off an incredible comeback, and the Wild somehow managed to get 2 points in LA in the first game of the year. (Get your Soviet Savior T Shirt here)

While Kaprizov totally stole the show last night, I want to make sure we aren’t forgetting about Kevin Fiala. The guy had a team-high seven (7!) shots on net last night and looked electric. It clearly wasn’t his best game, but he was getting pucks to the net and creating chances unlike any Wild player we’ve seen in years.

I made this blog because I don’t want Kevin to slip thru the cracks at the beginning of this season from a fan’s perspective. We might have the Russian Savior now, but the Wild will still need Fiala’s speed and goal-scoring ability if they expect to make a playoff run. He’ll be just as important.

Last night, Kevin Fiala looked like an all-star game breaker who just needs to get his legs a little warm to start the season. My point is….number 97 isn’t gonna do this all himself. 22 will be the second half of this tandem as the year goes on. Don’t forget about Kevin.