Wild First Round Prediction

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As the regular season comes to an end, we can focus on what really matters. That’s right folks, it’s time for the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

If you had asked me three weeks ago where I think the Minnesota Wild would end up, I would’ve said first in the central, potentially first in all the west and they would’ve turned into the team to beat while facing the Bruins in the finals. However, as we’re all familiar with pain, my previous thoughts have all but vanished with only a SLIGHT glimmer of hope. Why? Well, let’s dive into my Wild first-round prediction.

To the Second Round? Unlikely… Unless…

We’re only a few hours away from finding out which SOB team we’ll be facing in the first round. Is it going to be a battle against the Dallas Stars or a fight of the injured against the Colorado Avalanche? Personally, I feel that IF we’re to make it past the first round (which we haven’t done since right after the Titanic sunk in 1912) our best bet is against Colorado.

It’s Colorado because both teams are hurting due to injury. On our side Ekker is out with a lower-body injury, Shaw tore his ACL for the fourth time, Sundvquist isn’t even skating after who knows what happened, and Jojo, while he’s expected to play, got cheap shotted by Jets d-man Neal Pionk.

For Colorado, Gabriel Landeskog will miss the entire playoffs while the team is still unsure if Cale Makar will be back in time for game 1. Two MAJOR losses for the defending champions and maybe, just maybe, the Wild will have some puck luck and travel to Denver. Plus, look at the last time we played them WITHOUT Kaprizov. I hope it happens.

What about the Stars? Yeah, that’s a different story…

Dallas is playing out of their fricken minds right now. Seriously it’s unreal. Robertson is a superstar, Minnesota-born Oettinger is a giant between the pipes (literally on skates he’s roughly 8ft tall), and Ryan Suter on defense is.. nothing, can’t stand the guy. He’s a jackass.

In all seriousness, Dallas has our number. If we were fully healthy, sure, why not want to play them? But now, with our top center out, it’s not a good time. Seeing them in the second round sounds good to me.

Will We Even Make It to the Second Round Though?

Quick and simple. If we play Colorado then yes. If we play Dallas then no.

Every single player on the Wild needs to bring their A-game to either opponent or else we’re going to get absolutely spanked. Fleury and Gus need to play even better than they have this season, the defense (specifically Klingberg and I hope that Brock Faber starts over him) needs to get his crap together and the offense needs to know that while superstar forward Kaprizov is back that doesn’t mean they can let up on the gas. It’s the Stanley Cup playoffs, which means it’s go time.

1st Round Predictions

Minnesota Wild vs. Colorado Avalanche – Wild win in 6

Minnesota Wild vs. Dallas Stars – Dallas wins in 5