The Wild Bring the True Colors of Minnesota Hockey back to St. Paul

NHL Wild

The first thing I have to say about the Wild’s reverse retro jerseys is thank God it’s not Christmas colored. When I saw the year they were referencing was 1979, I about lost it. The Wild’s Christmas colors have divided fans since the very beginning and frankly, if they used the current colors now, the reverse retro would have been a flop… but they didn’t. They used the real colors of Minnesota hockey, green and gold.

Wild unveils Reverse Retro Jersey for 2020-21 season

Simple. Stylish. An instant classic. This jersey is exactly what I wanted the Wild to do with this project. I wanted to see the green and gold back in St. Paul more than I wanted to see a Stanley Cup (that’s a straight-up lie but I am excited). These colors look just as good as they did 40 years ago. When the WIld step on the ice in these bad boys, you know I’ll be hammering the over.

Now let’s talk about the significance of these jerseys. As die-hard as the biggest Wild fan is, all fans would drop their allegiance if the North Stars came back. With every Wild fan secretly a bigger North Stars fan, the Wild should just change their official colors to North Stars colors and make the reverse retro their primary jersey. It would be enough of a fresh start for the franchise to start bringing a winning tradition to Minnesota and to expand the fanbase.